Dave Miko

Real Fine Arts Presents, March 2 – 6

2 March 2016

New York’s Real Fine Arts gallery host group show, Real Fine Arts Presents opening March 2 and running to March 6.

There is little information given with the announcement of the event apart from a whole host of artists’ names and that it will take place in 809 Washington Street, just down from the Whitney, and inside what was previously OWENS, a designer boutique with low ceilings and brickwork walls.

Real Fine Arts PresentsHannah Black, Lena Henke (who currently has a solo show Heartbreak Highway with the gallery), Morag Keil, War Pickles (a ready-made exhibition full of pickles and preservation metaphors), Dave Miko, Liz Craft, Heji Shin, Nicolas Ceccaldi and many, many more.

See this event page for details and a more extensive list of the artists involved.**

War Pickles (2013), install shot. Courtesy the artists and House of Gaga.
War Pickles (2013), install shot. Courtesy the artists and House of Gaga.
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Dave Miko, On some future (2015) exhibition photos

23 February 2016

On some future, a solo exhibition by artist, Dave Miko running at Lodos Gallery from September 18 to November 15, 2015, presented a series of paintings collectively titled ‘future weather’. The press release is short and light; a musing for the works, which are placed at different frequencies around the room:

It’s strange how something massively experienced, an ordinary topic, is contemplated as informal discourse. Small talk. And how do we speak of something that is always there no matter what?
With short sentences, short pauses, and simple adjectives.”

Painted on 8 x 8 lightweight aluminium sheets, they feel unlabored and candid; the brush strokes look as though a finger has carved its way through the surface. Their placements are unassuming; some hide behind a staircase, others are perched closer to the ceiling than the floor, and one is still in a plastic wrapper.

Dave Miko, 'Future Weather (missing square)' (2015) Install view. Courtesy Lodos.
Dave Miko, ‘Future Weather (missing square)’ (2015). Install view. Courtesy Lodos.

Mimicking the language of smartphone photography, they are spontaneous and immediate in their attempt to capture something fleeting. The 13 paintings recycle the same title becoming a variation on the same reflection. A few are labelled in brackets as “oil barrel”, “flooded desert”, “bird bats”, “cactus flower”, and “missing square”, and contaminate the the abstract, slightly romantic style.

The works in On some future seem split between language and aesthetic; the latter a pleasing suspension that places the installation between an escape towards a carpe diem from the weight of a demoralized prediction.**

Exhibition photos, top right.

Dave Miko’s On some future was on at Mexico City’s Lodos Gallery, running September 18 to November 15, 2015.

Header image: Dave Miko, ‘Future Weather (oil barrel)’ (2015) Install view. Courtesy Lodos.

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