Ryan Gander @ Cactus, Jul 7 – Aug 14

6 July 2016

Ryan Gander is presenting solo exhibition An exhibition of early works by Ryan Gander at Liverpool’s Cactus, opening July 7 and running August 14.

The show will coincide with much anticipated Liverpool Biennial that opens a few days later on July 9.

There is little information to accompany the exhibition and its title, but we are invited to expect things like conceptual necklaces, a breeze running through a gallery, Gander’s ‘Alchemy Boxes’ where meaning and value is imbued and intertwined with stories and leftover narratives found in objects, and a study of a car in a field full of snow (‘Is This Guilt in You Too – (The Study of a Car in a Field)’, 2005) that looks at the sincerity of interpretation.

See the Cactus website for (limited) details.**

Ryan Gander – I Need Some Meaning I Can Memorise (The Invisible Pull) (2012) @ Documenta 2013. Courtesy the artist.
Ryan Gander, ‘I Need Some Meaning I Can Memorise (The Invisible Pull)’ (2012) @ Documenta 2013. Courtesy the artist.
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Jake Kent @ Cactus, Apr 22 – May 22

22 April 2016

Jake Kent is presenting solo exhibition Everything’s a Ruin Waiting to Happen at Liverpool’s Cactus Gallery, opening Apr 22 and running to May 22.

The Nottingham-based artist has been involved with School of the Damned in London, Aspirational Living in Nottingham and The Angry Show group exhibition in Sydney.

Meanwhile, this solo show comes accompanied by a piece of poetic prose that references writing by the likes of artists Matt Welch and Jenny Holzer and questions ideas of ownership, equality and identity in the midst of an impossible Return to Eden sentiment: “There is no natural world.”

See the Cactus Gallery website or the press release for details.**

Jake Kent, 'Dropping the A Bomb' (2015) Install view. Courtesy S T O R E, Dresden.
Jake Kent, ‘Dropping the A Bomb’ (2015) Install view. Courtesy S T O R E, Dresden.
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Doug Bowen, Down in the Dumps (2015) exhibition photos

4 February 2016

Depression might not be the first thing you think while surveying the images from Down in the Dumps, a solo exhibition by Doug Bowen that ran at Liverpool’s Cactus Gallery from August 15 to September 13, 2015. 

The Leeds-based artist who recently joined the Leeds Weirdo Club as its newest member takes a big step out of his comedic comfort zone for Down in the Dumps, using a more subtle approach to fine-tune a refined approach to the soft edges of depression.


Doug Bowen, Tuxed up (2015) Install view. Courtesy Cactus.
Doug Bowen, The Official Squad Medal Collection 2015 (Collector’s edition) #1 – #24 (2015) Install view. Courtesy Cactus.


Four works spread themselves throughout the exhibition on the walls. All are digital vinyl prints and, Bowen informs us, are painted over again and again with layers of opaque grey removable ink. What is seen peering through are unspecified pieces of marks falling apart and fractions of a saddened face staring towards the viewer. On another wall, pink bubbles overlap one another in the top right of their aluminium frame, dissipating eventually into greyness. Cactus received the prints ‘blank’, ready to be scratched off by the curator, leaving the artist seemingly as curious as the viewer as to when and why the curator stopped scraping. It’s certainly a lovely process to imagine, as satisfying as a scratch card but without disappointment.

On the third wall rests ‘The Official Squad Medal Collection 2015 (Collector’s edition) #1 – #24’, holding what could on first glance, tidy rows of white painted pills. They are melted down pieces of aluminium, hand-made medals, each dabbed and made individual with Tipp-Ex. They echo sweetly and are the inverse of the four originally uniform vinyl prints, scratched down to become up. **

Exhibition photos, top right.

Doug Bowen’s Down in the Dumps was on at Liverpool’s Cactus from August 14 to September 13, 2015.

Header image: Doug Bowen, Tuxed up (2015) Install view. Courtesy Cactus.

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Doug Bowen @ Cactus, Aug 14 – Sep 13

14 August 2015

Cactus is hosting the latest solo exhibition from artist Doug Bowen, titled Down in the Dumps and running at the Liverpool location from August 15 until September 13, with a private viewing on August 14.

Bowen, born in York and now living in Leeds, works in a variety of media, employing a kind of ‘case by case’ aesthetic with a variety of techniques for which ideas are the primary and aesthetics the secondary component. In his interview with Young Artists in Conversation (YAC), Bowen states: “They are made of the certain materials and look that particular way so they convey the idea.”

Previous shows include You think the only people who are people… at Two Queens, Cheese at Toast, £1 FISH at S1 Artspace, ex at blip blip blip, and COMBINE #6 at Model, and previous residencies include those at The Hepworth WakefieldBloc ProjectsThe Good Hatchery, SPUR, and Desktop Residency.

See the Cactus website for details. **

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Events + exhibitions, Jan 26 – Feb 1

26 January 2015

CTM and Transmediale 2015 kick off in Berlin this week, while Art Genève is also running in Geneva, and will include Arcadia Missa and Preteen Gallery as exhibitors with work by Amalia Ulman and Babak Ghazi; Phoebe Collings-James, Deanna Havas and Leslie Kulesh,  respectively.

Events in Berlin around CTM include performances by Evian Christ, Young Lean and 18+ (who are also doing a few dates across Europe), as well as a collaborative concert with Transmediale on the weekend. Sandy Brown is hosting its ☁︎ cave kino screening in the city outside of that, while in London Paul Kneale and Natalie Dray have solo openings, and Candice JacobsEXHALE  (to her earlier INHALE at Project/Number) is opening in Liverpool.

Elsewhere there’s another double-opening at Birsfelden’s SALTS, an exhibition in Reykjavík including work by Sæmundur Þór Helgason and another group show at Johannesburg’s The Goodman Gallery featuring work by Candice Brietz and Mikhael Subotzky among others.

There’s more so see below:


Transmediale 2015, Jan 28 – Feb 1

☁︎ cave kino @ Sandy Brown, Jan 28

18+ @ WesterLiefde/WesterUnie, Jan 29

Evian Christ, Suicideyear @ Berghain, Jan 29

Art Genève, Jan 29 – Feb 1

CTM & transmediale Collaborative Concert I @ HKW, Jan 30

(3rd) CONTACT @ Xperience, Jan 30

Open House @ Crown Building Studios, Jan 30

Rachel Rose @ V4ULT, Jan 30

Yung Lean & Sad Boys, 18+ @ YAAM Berlin, Jan 31

Paramount Ranch 2, Jan 31 – Feb 1

18+ @ V ARE, Feb 1


Anne de Boer @ Desktop Residency, Jan 26 – Feb 14

Paul Kneale @ Evelyn Yard, Jan 27 – Feb 17

Yulan Grant @ Paradise Garage, Jan 28

Other People’s Memories @ The Goodman Gallery, Jan 28

Simon Davenport @ Trampoline, Jan 29

Laura Aldridge @ Tramway, Jan 29 – Mar 22

Julien Bismuth @ Galerie Emanuel Layr, Jan 29 – Mar 14

Natalie Dray @ Cell Project Space, Jan 29 – Mar 8

Lithium @ MilMa, Jan 30 – Feb 22

Candice Jacobs @ Cactus, Jan 30 – Feb 22


Yung Lean & Sad Boys, 18+ @ YAAM Berlin, Jan 31

#KOMASVO @ Listasafn ASÍ, Jan 31 – Mar 1


See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: (3rd) CONTACT @ Xperience.

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Candice Jacobs @ Project/Number, Sep 26 – Oct 9

25 September 2014

Artist Candice Jacobs is settling into Project/Number for her latest solo exhibition, INHALE, running at the London space from September 26 to October 9.

The British artist is uses a wide range of media in her work, which more often than not explores wealth, utility, and power through the simulation of language. INHALE comes as just the first part of a bigger project that will continue as EXHALE at Liverpool’s Cactus later this year, and as part of her exhibition at Project/Number, Jacobs made a publication featuring a discussion with philosopher and The Last Night writer Federico Campagna, done in collaboration with TripleOG.

Running alongside Jacobs’s INHALE is L/B/16, a light box commission by Nicolas Deshayes which will be switched on on September 26 and left running throughout the exhibition.

See Facebook event page for details or visit the INHALE / EXHALE website for the experience. **


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Daniel McMillan + Lucas Wilson @ Cactus, May 24

19 May 2014

Daniel McMillan and Lucas Wilson‘s The Weekend Supplement opens at Cactus Gallery in Liverpool on May 24.

The two artists, who started collaborating while studying together in Manchester, focus in on their own relationship to art production and consumption with The Weekend Supplement.

Dancing through their own perceptions of middle-class cultural consumption, McMillan and Wilson’s exhibition investigates the overlap of creativity and labour.

See the Cactus Gallery website for details.**


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Sebastian Jefford @ Cactus, Mar 21 – Apr 20

21 March 2014

Sebastian Jefford is presenting solo exhibition This Inferior Mirage at Liverpool’s Cactus gallery, opening March 21 and running to April 20.

In light of a current preoccupation with art evolved from the immaterial object to how a human handles it, the show explores “the residue of an activity that may or may not have happened”.

With the screen as a space and fingertips as the action, Jefford’s idea of “surface as a line of flight” comes in this “precarious vehicle for closeness, knowledge, aspiration and red herrings”.

See the Cactus website for details. **

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