School of the Damned

End of Year @ Lewisham Art House, Mar 4 – 13

3 March 2016

Free postgraduate art course School of the Damned is presenting its final show, End of Year, at London’s Lewisham Art House, opening March 4 and running to March 13.

The exhibition opens with a performance by Rainham Sheds and will feature the work of its 17 artists working with the programme over the last four years as an alternative higher education programme run “by, and for its students”.

Mimicking the format of an institutional “degree show”, this event is made possible by Lewisham Art House members who collectively rent space and contribute five hours of their time a week to provide an “outward-looking and inclusive programme” on a non-profit basis.

For End of Year, they also share their resources with the School of the Damned which runs “without money, without a bank account, without financial obligation”, instead employing a “labour exchange” for education, in opposition to the trend towards an increasingly privatised and corporatised education system in the UK and other parts of the world.

Artists involved in the School of the Damned programme –which has included a group show called SCHOOL in Leicester last year –are Matt WelchJack Fisher, Victoria Fornieles, Anastasia Shin, Jake Kent and Robert Fung among others.

See the Lewisham Art House website for details.**

Matt Welch, ‘don’t we We run run things things?! (2014) @ Vitrine, London. Courtesy the gallery.
Matt Welch, ‘don’t we We run run things things?! (2014) @ Vitrine, London. Courtesy the gallery.

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Trace Programme @ Aspirational Living, Feb 18 – 21

17 February 2016

Trace Programme is a weekend with a group exhibition and a publication launch hosted by Aspirational Living at a yet-to-be disclosed location, between February 18 and 21.

Aspirational Living is a new nomadic curatorial project founded in Nottingham. Fittingly, perhaps, there seems to be loads of Trace Programme event pages all over facebook.

Curator for the Trace Programme, Ruth Angel Edwards has invited artists and collectives such as Joseph Buckley, Kate Cooper, Hayden Dunham (aka QT), School of the Damned, Emily Pope, Erica Scourti, Jake KentDan Szor and Richard John Jones, who is also hosting an informal discussion on his research into lost lesbian, gay and queer spaces in an accompanying event TOTAL DESTROY on February 19.

A further accompanying event, a Rave Dinner Party, will be run by New York-based panhumanist collective, Communitas on the February 21.

A book will be launched on the opening evening including contributions from DeForrest Brown, Harry BurkeRózsa Farkas, Lynn Hanna, Erica Scourti and Jamie Sterns.

See the FB event page for more information and a string of posts and links in anticipation**

Joseph Buckley, 'Pervert’s Lament' (2015). Install view. Courtesy Meyohas, New York.
Joseph Buckley, ‘Pervert’s Lament’ (2015). Install view. Courtesy Meyohas, New York.
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SCHOOL @ Two Queens, Oct 2 – 17

2 October 2015

The SCHOOL group exhibition is on at Leicester’s Two Queens, opening October 2 and running to October 17.

The event, marking the midpoint in the academic year for the 18 students of the ‘School of the Damned‘, is the interim show for a year-long “alternative, un-accredited” postgraduate program, run by its students and developed in response to the institutionalised financial exclusivity of the current educational system.

The exhibition features the likes of Matt WelchJack Fisher, Victoria Fornieles, Jake Kent and Robert Fung among others, as well as publication and school bulletin along with an opening including performances and DJ sets by the likes of Germolean and Melanie Coles.

See the Facebook event page for details.**

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