Fabienne Hess

Latent Surfaces @ Foothold, Aug 22 – Sep 10

22 August 2016

The Latent surfaces group exhibition is on at Polignano A Mare’s Foothold, opening August 22 and running to September 10.

Curated by Like A Little Disaster, the show will feature new works by Virginia Francia, Fabienne Hess, Yuichiro Kikuma, Minhong Pyo and Tenant of Culture and is open only by appointment.

Framed within a philosophical exploration of the undeveloped and concealed, the press release gives little information regarding the nature of the work in the show but rather hints at at the subject of life as surface. It’s described as a “multidirectional horizon without transcendence: an infinite, porous and connective immanence,” and leaves us with the question “We stopped courageously at the surface of the world or we have become the surfaces we imagined?”

Visit Like a Little Disaster’s website for more details.**

Yuichiro kKikuma, 'acrylic on canvas' (2016). Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of the artist + Like a Little Disaster.
Yuichiro kKikuma, ‘acrylic on canvas’ (2016). Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of the artist + Like a Little Disaster.


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Grand Magasin Deux @ French Riviera, Dec 15 – 20

15 December 2015

London’s French Riviera is presenting the Grand Magasin Deux group exhibition at its Bethnal Green space, opening December 15 and running to December 20.

An ongoing collaborative project by gallery founders Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski, with curator Nat Breitenstein, the first Grand Magasin, with its concept of presenting an exhibition and shop, took place in 2013 and featured the like of Leslie Kulesh, Yuri Pattison and Daniel Kelly of Peckham art space/hair salon DKUK.

Its 2015 incarnation, meanwhile, features several of the same names including Harry BurdenWill Cruickshank and Fabienne Hess, as well as Marie D’Elbee, Ellen Mara De Wichita, Joey Holder, and Lucy Woodhouse.

See French Riviera website for details.**

Grand Magasin (2013). Exhibition view. Image courtesy French Riviera, London.
Grand Magasin (2013). Exhibition view. Image courtesy French Riviera, London.
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Art Licks Weekend London, Oct 2 – 5

2 October 2014

After an acclaimed opening year in 2013, Art Licks Weekend festival is returning to London for its second edition, running at venues across town from October 2 to October 5.

And the line-up this year is impressive, with a thick stack of new galleries, artist-run spaces, not-for-profits, and independent curatorial projects opening up for the festival. Writer and artist Hannah Black is showing a video work in group show You Me Us Them, Fabienne Hess and Johann Arens are joining a slew of others for the Artist Moving Image: Looking, Mediated screening event and Lisa Brice is bringing her solo show Cut Your Coat to French Riviera.

Joey Holder is performing a live DJ/VJ set at Conduir, Lawrence Lek is joining the Tomb, Shrine, Survey-Marker, Spare-Part group show at Enclave, and Sarah Boulton is joining a handful of others for the Global Talk Internet group show at Studio Parlour.

Because the short weekend is so stacked with good events, we’ve already covered a handful independently, including Candice Jacobs’s INHALE, the Heathers group show, The Mycological Twist at Jupiter Woods, and Banner Repeater‘s Low Animal Spirits.

See the Art Licks programme for details. **


Header image: ‘Pavilion Lost’, Pavilion (Sophie Yetton & Gabriel Birch)

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Fabienne Hess, Replica Sentiments (2014) exhibition photos

9 September 2014

A one night only event that went on for longer. Replica Sentiments at London’s French Riviera features luxurious silk wall hangings of pixelated deluxe watches. Rolex. Panerai. Ferrari. Opulence compressed to Kb and filtered through spam into Fabienne Hess‘s terrifying collection of data debris. It’s junkspace in a folder, content catering to the artist’s habits, supposedly, but scraping a browser window full of ideas and images her eyes never noticed.

There are products for the rich and sentiments, feelings, for the poor. A crumpled paint on plastic announcing OH NO! hangs from a wall, the unequal reality of “crisis globalisation” tumbling limply from a wall heater in lowercase: chance. A French Riviera storefront window installation confronts passersby with emotion (“I am very happy”) robotically expressed, fed through an inbox and meticulously collated, edited and displayed on glass. There’s a mantra for August 11: We’re sorry to see you leaving. Or there’s this one from earlier: You are not phobic or autistic. I wonder if said subject is working from a browser history.

Like the artist’s Unknown Face Fragments series (2013) before it, the Replica Sentiments exhibition takes from the trash that most ignore and reinstates it as something one-of-a-kind, limited edition, an artwork, worthy. A brilliant exhibition text by Basia Cummings Lewandowska draws more insipid connections. Taking its title, We’re happy to help and some prompts from the spam calendar window, the writer tracks the history of unsolicited email to the naming of ground-up tinned meat as a portmanteu of ‘spiced-ham’. It’s miscellaneous matter that mirrors what Brad Templeton calls (as cited by Lewandowska) the “real-time multi-person shared environment” of early USENET messaging, now compacted into a “still unwanted, unsolicited – link to a world that is split by neoliberal claims to free markets and democracy, and a desperate politics of economic inequality, conflict, hunger and disenfranchisement”.

Hence the spam filter as a closing off and shutting out of a “more vulnerable, needier, poorer world”, where 419s from South Africa, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast; Kazakhstan, Pakistan and India become a HELP ME! promptly identified and discarded by bots. Out of sight, out of mind. Hess’ Replica Sentiments, on the other hand, makes us look, listen; bringing an inconvenient reality out of the in-between and into full view as a reminder: “My friends are ground in spam”. **

 Exhibition photos, top-right.

Fabienne Hess’ Replica Sentiments was on at London’s French Riviera, running from July 16 to September 7, 2014.

Header image: Fabienne Hess, ‘Chance’ (2014). Courtesy the artist and French Riviera, London. Photo by Kris Emmerson.

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‘We Are Here’ @ White Building, Jul 27 – 28

25 July 2013

Coinciding with Create London’s Open East Festival, the White Building in Hackney will be opening the doors to its studios for public viewing over the weekend, July 27 to 28. For two days, artists Sam Ashby, Jesse Darling, Fabienne Hess and Jon Rafman will be showing their works in progress, ranging  from film, sculpture, publishing and photography, along with special guided tours, performance and a workshop. Entry is free and you can see the White Building website for more details. **

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