The power of the meme in isthisit?’s magazine launch group show The Choice of a New Generation at The Muse, Aug 8 – 13

7 August 2017

Untitled and isthisit? present The Choice of a New Generation group exhibition at London’s The Muse Gallery, opening August 8 and running to August 13.

Part of isthisit? issue 2 magazine launch, and curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight for Untitled’s fourteenth event (ed’s note: programmed by Jonny Tanna), both look at “the power of the meme, it’s rise in contemporary culture and the widespread appropriation of images and videos being utilised, both in memes and artworks.” The exhibition features work by 18 artists, including Bora AkinciturkAnne de Boer, Joey HolderWill Kendrick and Yorkson, among others.

The publication — which includes artworks, essays, interviews and a podcast — features over 50 artists, including Ed FornielesBurkut KumCharles RichardsonSophie RogersPippa Eason, Rosie Back, Natalie Lambert and more.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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Divine + state-sanctioned violence in Yorkson’s Dear Job: Leave God Alone at Slade

18 July 2017

Yorkson presented solo exhibition Dear Job: Leave God Alone at London’s Slade School of Fine Art which ran June 8 to 18.

The installation covered the floor with sand, where fake candles, a plastic sword, handcuffs and other objects lay scattered around, with a small DIY staircase leading to an altar of stained glass cartoons and pop culture references. Text camouflaged onto a broken mirror reads:

A Good Soul,
a good soul thought it 
sold it soul to a 
good Lord,
alone with the 
Lord and 
no where 

The assemblage brings biblical and geopolitical references together to reflect on violence and what the artist describes as, “our desire to impart meaning upon acts of mass violence.” Job in the title refers to the personage in the Old Testament who, “proclaims the futility of seeking meaning in God’s acts of divine violence.”

The exhibition also included a performance by Yorkson on the opening night; a rendition of Chopin’s ‘Étude, Op. 10, No. 3 in E Major,’ sung in front of the altar, an ode to, “those lost to the meaninglessness of both divine and state-sanctioned violence.”

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Yorkson @ 5 Aty Space, Aug 20 – Oct 20

22 August 2016

London-based artist and DJ Yorkson will present solo show, My Dear Diary, at Guangzhou’s 5 Art Space in China opening August 20 and running to October 20.

Co-organised by Newgate Studio London, the exhibition places the ‘Young-Girl’ at the centre of Yorkson’s role-play, looking at consumerism’s colonization of human bodies and the products we’ve become. Informed by her research into the conditions of human beings in the era of post-capitalism, the work responds to the way the internet complicates the relationship between public and private; a transparent space for others’ gazing.

Recent exhibitions include Artificial Fairyland (2015) and MONO 4 (2015) in London and Paris.

Visit the FB event page for more details.**


        Yorkson, ‘My Dear Diary 1: girls should look after themselves’ (2016). HD Video excerpt. Courtesy of           the artist.

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Autocorrect Ruined my Life @ Chalton Gallery, Jul 13

11 July 2016

MA/MFA Slade Fine Art Media Presents group exhibition, Autocorrect Ruined my Life is on at London’s Chalton Gallery, opening July 13.

Featuring the work of current Slade School post-graduates, Hazel Brill, Jessica Bryant, Rosie Carr, Eom Jeongwon, Yorkson and Ziad Nagy amongst others, and opening its press release with “Siri? Siri? Seriously?” the show intends to lean on the “theatrical and the synthetic”, presenting works and moods that are characterised by a “drastic oversatement [sic] of an underwhelming narrative, played out for you via the mediums of performance, sculpture and screen based works”.

Autocorrect Ruined my Life seems to follow a particularly active and self-organised period of time for the degree course at the London art school. Also involved and showing in the group are Georgia Lucas-Going, Natalie Kynigopoulou, Francisca Aires Mateus, Michela De Nichilo, Katarzyna Perlak, Jamesthian Rollo and Adam Wozniak.

See the FB page for further details.

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Yorkson @ Victoria Balcony, Jun 21 – 30

20 June 2016

London-based artist and DJ, Yorkson is presenting a solo presentation called Global Disappointment at London temporary space Victoria Balcony, opening June 21 and running to June 30.

Global Disappointment is an installation and will sit on the balcony space on the first floor above a bus stop a few minutes away from London’s Victoria Station, where project organiser and curator Xiaoyi Nie has intended for each artist presenting in (or on) the space to speak with passers by and interact with bus top riders.

Other artists presenting a work on the balcony over the two month-long project include Wolfgang Tilmans and Nora Silva.

Yorkson, whose online presence is often accompanied by the subtitle ‘100 percent sad’ makes performance, objects and installations that often appear in images or media apart from their origins, and seem to follow the structure of the artist’s mood in a personal yet detached fashion.

Although the installation will be present during the whole week, the private view will happen on June 24.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Courtesy Yorkson.
Courtesy Yorkson.
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