Captured, hoarded and forgotten in Stored in the Depths at IsThisIt?

2 May 2017
The Stored Stored in the Depths online exhibition at isthisit? opened April 7 and will remain open indefinitely. 
Curated by Luke Nairn, the fragmented webpage brings together content “that has been hoarded in the depths of artists devices, captured and then forgotten” from 16 emerging artists including Ashley HolmesHolly Hendry, Isabelle Southwood,  Jemma EganLucy Vann, Perce Jerrom and Tom McGinn among others.
The webpage brings together moments of ‘intrigue’ and accident into an intentional space where differing narratives and experiences come together to create a formless whole. The exhibition is part of an ongoing series of work by the curator tilted 750×1334 that “utilises similar content from his own device.”**
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