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Universal Everything – Studio Documentary

26 October 2012

Although Matt Pyke’s increaditeam have been breaking new design barriers since 2004 it hasn’t been until recently that mass media have picked them as one of the most innovative studios on earth. Their MTV monsters became an instant hit back in 2009 and most of the brands they touch seem to rejuvenate instantly. Last year Matt & friends came to Paris for Super Computer Romantics and just last weekend we got to see some of their latest design adventures, this time in the world of 3D printing @ London’s first 3D printshow.

A couple of days ago The Creators Project published the following documentary which visits Matt Pyke into his personal studio and rural environment for some creative confessions on the studio’s working processes and a look at some of their latest projects….

As the founder and creative director of Universal Everything, Matt Pyke leads a creative mission to create gorgeous visual spectacles on screen that, while they will never be attained in physical reality, reinterpret the nuances of natural human motion.

A highly recommended 7min doc which gives a tiny glimpse into that futuristic fairy world UE keep creating. More clips of their works on their vimeo page.

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3D Printshow London 2012

18 October 2012

Another first for London this weekend as 3D Printshow which opens tomorrow is poised to become one of the referents in unifying the pro and the emerging consumer 3D printing markets.

work by Andreia Chaves (image via 3D Printshow)
work by Andreia Chaves (image via 3D Printshow)

Halfway between an art & technology fair 3d Printshow hosts a mix of activities, shows, workshops, competitions and even a fashion catwalk @ London’s Brewery. Over 70 exhibitors that cover pretty much every vertical and every application imaginable….  Experts including 3D Systems, Makerbot, Sculpteo, Objet, Autodesk, Printrbot, Inition or Boeing, a whole spectrum of exhibitors reaching from art and design to medicine and transport.

You can have your body fully 3D scanned or simply learn how to create & print your own designs, a good opportunity to experience past, present and future of this industry… for those willing to pay £20. What we’re excited about is the art show which explores the ideas and concepts generated by this new artistic movement and brings some of the most renown artists from the past few years (Atelier Ted Noten, Stephanie Lempert…). More info this way L&G.

Works by Universal Everything (image via EVS)
Works by Universal Everything (image via EVS)
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Super-Computer-Romantics – Paris

21 April 2011

Who needs to pay Frillions to Publicis, WPP or Omnicom when you can have the God of brand refreshment and image “coolization” for a far more affordable price? (ok, this may no longer apply).

You all probably remember the summer 2009 MTV relook or last year’s AOL crazy logo relaunch… because all brands need some surgery from time to time and if it can make decades-old institutions look as new born stars, even better.

Matt Pyke is responsible for these and many of the most innovative and positive campaigns and motion art lately (Nike, Primal Scream, Chanel, London Olympics, Nokia, Mtv, Nokia, Mtv, Nokia or … the MTV). His approach can be described as both scientific and holistic, as the name of his design studio, Universal Everything, suggests. The striking variety of his artistic practices (product, print, branded art, tv idents, interactive design, shop installations, arts), has positioned Pyke as a global contributor in the diffusion and popularization of design and motion design. Forever, his generative audiovisual installation for the V&A museum, propelled him in 2009 to the forefront of relevant contemporary art.

Whether commissioned to do mass branding or experimental pieces, immersive environments or shop installations, Pyke’s creative process aims to blur the boundaries between genres and disciplines, labels and categories, arts and sciences. As such, Pyke is the poster child for the digital revolution, the hybrid resulting from coupling online communities with open source philosophies. His electronic parents are hacking and remix culture. Like many artists of his generation, Matt Pyke sows the seeds of a cultural renaissance based on sharing knowledge through his blog Everyone Forever.

And because this London-based artist & his team resemble a bit like Midas, La Gaîté Lyrique (you know… our new favorite Paris digital culture hub),  will be dedicating them an exhibition that concentrates the artists’s shared keywords : aestheticism, romanticism, optimism, science, love and infinity. “How far can we push ultra-positive, super-optimistic feeling ?“, was the question posed during the preparation of the exhibition. Obviously, Pyke wants to explore the potential for gaiety in new technologies by creating conceptual but lush pieces which are meditative and colorful, abstract, sensual and poetic while striving to be intellectually stimulating.

crowdsourced techniques... for the new pop art

What to expect? mmmmmmm loads of surprises, a 3 meter-high walking monster endlessly transforming itself? Generative living sculptures?

The new pop master & his works will be shown for over a month from April 21st to May 27th. So if you happen to be around Paris… pop in, pop out and tell us what you think, we will.

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