This Time with FEELing #3

This Time With FEELing #3 @ The White Building, Jun 29 – Jul 1

28 June 2016

The This Time with FEELing #3 group exhibition is on at London’s The White Building, opening on June 29 and running July 1.

This short exhibition is the result of the #3rd cycle of ‘TTWF‘, a three month residency programme conducted at The White Building’s partner SPACE studios.

Artists Debora Delmar Corp., Sarah Abu Abdallah and Sophie Mallett present work and questions that they have developed over the past few months in relation to the residency’s continued themes on affect, the relationship human bodies have to technology and emotional capital.

No information is available as to how the above artists will deal with the issues raised during the investigation but it seems clear that questions will be a large part of the presented work.

Previous and future 2015-16 residents are Adham Faramawy, Laura Yuile, Holly White and Christopher Kirubi & Cassandre Greenberg.

See The White Building website for more details.**

Marie Toseland and Sophie Mallett, Live ASMR (2015). Courtesy the artists.
Sophie Mallett and Marie Toseland, ‘Live ASMR’ (2015). Courtesy the artists.


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