This Time With FEELing

This Time With Feeling #2 @ The White Building, Mar 11 – 20

10 March 2016

The second in a series of London’s The White Building residency programme, This Time With FEELing is culminating in a show by the artists who participated in the cycle, opening March 11 and running March 20.

Featuring Adham Faramawy, Fleur Melbourn, Holly White and Sophie Hoyle, the artists have been thinking about and putting on events that look at shifting dynamics between affect and its site of production or receivership. They take a critical approach to these boundaries, questioning “the commercial drive towards the naturalizing and subsumption of technologies that enable the trading in and simulating of algorithmic emotional capital”.

See The White Building exhibition page for further details.**

Holly White's website (2016) (screenshot). Courtesy the artist.
Holly White’s website (2016) (screenshot). Courtesy the artist.


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Claire Tolan + Jeremy Hutchison @ [space] AT, Oct 1

30 September 2015

Claire Tolan and Jeremy Hutchison will be discussing their work and ideas at London’s [space] AT (The White Building) in a pilot version of a “new distributed curatorial framework” by Space called AGORA_IN_RETE_01 on October 1.

Described, as a “public arena for the pattern recognition and critical discussion of creative process and process-led practice”, the event will present a platform for exchange between the aforementioned Berlin- and London-based artists.

Tolan will be expanding on her work with ASMR as part of her Space Perlin Noise Residency, and Hutchison will be exploring the operation of capitalism in the production of subjectivity as a FEELing resident artist.

See the Space website for details.**

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