Salvatore Arancio

Inland Far @ Herbert Read, Sep 15

13 September 2016

Group exhibition Inland Far will be on at Canterbury’s Herbert Read Gallery opening on September 15 and running to October 7.

“Everything solidifies: that is the law of the universe”- The Green Child, Herbert Read

Taking its title from the only novel written by poet and critic Herbert Read, the show responds to the psychological landscapes explored in the book and features work by Salvatore Arancio, Miriam Austin, Adham Faramawy, Susan Finlay, Florian Roithmayr, Mimei Thompson and Esther Teichmann. A mix of emerging and established artists, the show is multidisciplinary, spanning across ceramics, sculpture, video, painting and photography.

Visit the gallery website for more details.**


Esther Teichmann, 'Mondschwimmen, Zephyr', (2015). Installation view. Courtesy of the artist + Reiss­‐Engelhorn Museum.
Esther Teichmann, ‘Mondschwimmen, Zephyr’, (2015). Installation view. Courtesy of the artist + Reiss­‐Engelhorn Museum.
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‘Teleonomy’ @ Cafe OTO, Feb 19

19 February 2016

South Kiosk and Where To Now? are presenting an evening of collaborative A/V performance, called ‘Teleonomy’, at London’s Cafe Oto on February 19.

The event, which pairs artists who use different media but follow “similar or correlating lines of enquiry”, responds to the interrogation of structures and functions innate to living organisms and ‘natural law’: “Instincts, reactions and internal clocks all contribute to a gradual evolutionary process that perpetuates our species”.

There will be three performances on the night by artists, selected 50/50 by both South Kiosk and Where To Now?, including Austin Charles WilliamsRichard Forbes-HamiltonSalvatore Arancio x R Elizabeth (aka Rachael Finney), and Verity Birt x U.

See the Cafe OTO website for details.**

Austin Charles Williams, 'Land of the Free' (2016). Video still. Courtesy the artist.
Austin Charles Williams, ‘Land of the Free’ (2016). Video still. Courtesy the artist.

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…and the soft ground in the garden… (2015) exhibition photos

9 February 2016

Six artists get their direction from ‘mamelon’, the breast-like rock formation that takes shape as a volcano erupts through a narrow vent in the bedrock in …and the soft ground in the garden was also a constellation …, an exhibition curated by Angels Miralda.

The group show, which ran at London’s Lychee One during Art Licks Weekend in 2015, locates its premise in the prolific grounds of the volcano, “one of the most fertile environments for plant growth as well as for the human imagination”. The artists each explore and anthropomorphise the literal state and figurative idea of ‘mamelon’ through varying mediums, with Alexandre Singh taking the metaphor directly to milk and Israel in ‘The Miracle (Manna)’ and Salvatore Arancio taking a more literal approach, juxtaposing natural rock formations against underwater animal species in his ceramic pieces.

Salvatore Arancio,' The Arrival' (2013) Install view. Courtesy Lychee One.
Salvatore Arancio,’ The Arrival’ (2013) Install view. Courtesy Lychee One.

Another contributing artist, Mark Essen, takes the volcano back in time with piles of limbs, as if he had just stumbled upon Pompeii again, while Katrin Hanusch “monumentalises fossils of decay” in iron and bronze. Leonor Serrano Rivas delivers an installation of tools against the backdrop of nature, and Nicholas Johnson populates the gallery with dense flowers, and an encyclopedia of terms. **

Exhibition photos, top right.

…and the soft ground in the garden was also a constellation… was on at Lychee One from September 12 to October 16, 2015.

Header image: Mark Essen, ‘4 Series’ (2015) installation shot. Courtesy Lychee One, London.


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