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Emily Pope + Ruth Angel Edwards’ night of ambivalent debauchery in ‘I’m Not Thick – I’m Just Busy!’ at Auto Italia, Apr 8

6 April 2017

Emily Pope + Ruth Angel Edwards‘ GOT 2 B RADIO is presenting ‘I’m Not Thick – I’m Just Busy!’ at London’s Auto Italia on April 8.

The event is described as “An Evening of Ambivalent Debauchery” that the two artists are hosting as a closing event for the Feral Kin group exhibition at Auto Italia. The event also marks the launch of their radio platform that will be available for free download. Playing with the the definition of ambivalence, and its opposing nature that suggests ‘both,’ it will be a night of feeling ‘torn.’

Performances include Yorkson, Kevin Le Grand, Grossmary and GOT 2 B AMBIVALENT (Edwards + Pope). The after party at The Queen Adelaide will feature Hannah Diamond and Lady Neptune.

Read our interview with Ruth Angel Edwards in the run up to the closing event of Feral Kin. 

See the FB event page for details.**

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INFRA_SPECTION @ The White Building, Dec 11

10 December 2014

The opening of the INFRA_SPECTION residency artist show – featuring Kari Altmann, Rosemary Kirton and Huw Lemmey – is taking place at [ space ]‘s The White Building this Thursday, December 11.

The selected artists and “creative technologists”, as the press release calls them, have been on-site for three months, working on their conceptions of infrastructures (physical, political and social), and Thursday’s opening brings the somewhat disparate artists together for three unique points of view.

Altmann’s survival fantasy-focused practice, RealFlow, will be presented on the top floor through a collaborative reading followed by live text sets from Emily Jones and Flexia, and live music sets from Nkisi, and Hitashya. Below Altmann is Kirton’s justjustgirlythingsthings, a performance of “repentance, reconciliation and restoration” following her year of critically examining the Justgirlythings community. Last in the lineup is Lemmey, whose use of technology attempts to “read the city as a space formed by political and sexual desire”.

See the The White Building event page for details. **

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