Premiere: SHALT unleashes the wasps on the destructive impulse of ‘Nid De Guêpes’ remixed by Nunu

2 August 2018

SHALT is releasing EP ʃælt ii via Los Angeles’ Astral Plane Recordings on August 3, with preview track ‘Nid De Guêpes (Nunu Remix)’ premiering via AQNB today. The London-based producer follows up 2016’s Acheron EP by teaming up with the latter Strasbourg-based artist to reproduce their shared penchant for an aesthetic of destruction, first realised in a back-to-back performance in Denmark in March. 

ʃælt ii 
features three tracks of tactile noise with dance-friendly, post-rave touches. ‘Nid De Guêpes’ (French for ‘wasp’s nest’) is a clattering march of beats and urgent, high-frequency synth lines, while Nunu’s remix stretches out and flattens the composition, reducing it down to an ambient resonance that’s at times punctured by intense and high-speed rhythms.**

SHALT’s ʃælt ii EP is out via Los Angeles’ Astral Plane Recordings on August 3, 2018.

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