Nuno Patricio

Aujourd’hui je dis oui @ Galeria da Boavista, Apr 15 – May 14

15 April 2016

The Aujourd’hui je dis oui (‘Today, I say yes’ in English) group exhibition is on at Lisbon’s Galeria da Boavista, opening April 15 and running to May 14.

Curated by Domenica de Chirico in collaboration with Lisbon-based art magazine Aujourd’hui, the publication celebrates its first year anniversary by acknowledging its evolution from simply an observer to an active player in contemporary art discourse as “an operating and independent cultural agent”.

The selection of 20 artists —including Andrew Birk, Antoine Donzeaud, Michele Gabriele, Mikkel Carl, and Nuno Patricio among others —centres around the magazine’s global perspective. The common thread, according to the press release, is that of “a fluid and fluent dialogue between the most diverse national and international artistic practices in contemporary art.”

Other artists involved include Pedro MatosIttah YodaAna MansoSasha Kurmaz and more.

See the Aujourd’hui website for details.**

Mikkel Carl, 'ALL DRESSED UP AND NOWHERE TO GO Paintings in Porn, vol. 2' (2016). Courtesy the artist.
Mikkel Carl, ‘ALL DRESSED UP AND NOWHERE TO GO Paintings in Porn, vol. 2’ (2016). Courtesy the artist.
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Nuno Patricio, Body ExTended, Self-Construal (2015) exhibition photos

10 September 2015

Lisbon-based artist and O FLUXO editor/content manager Nuno Patricio‘s exhibition Body ExTended, Self-Construal (exhibition photos, top right), was launched at Tallin, Estonia’s Konstanet exhibition space, opening May 15 and available to view online indefinitely. Drawing from cultural ideals of beauty and the limitlessness various social media platforms and online communities offer the body, the exhibition entertains notions of a perpetually editable self. It’s an ideal self that is likened to a “.psd file” and can endlessly be disseminated online, “eventually influenc[ing a] person’s self-concept and gender identity”.

Using a standard HD advertising aesthetic that typically targets white cis women, Patricio’s installation is reminiscent of a Clinique counter in a department store or a plastic surgery office in the western world. The installation consists of digital and sculptural collages such as ‘Proxy-Partilism and its DSM-IV Body Focus’ (2015) and ‘Pheno-Bestiality and Cross-Species Sexual Activity’ (2015). Both are large digital prints on cardboard with other materials such as kapatex, wood, straw mat, plastic, screws, and dried flower. Two large banners – ‘Banner01: Betume’ (2015) and ‘Banner02: Re Tox’ (2015) – hang beside a third digital print called ‘Infantilism Assemblage or Fantasies of a Return to Infancy’ (2015). Various other sculptural objects occupy the installation’s centrepiece, ‘Compound 02 (parieta/ occipital)’ (2015), consisting of a pile of cardboard boxes filled with fake moss, plants, sea snail shells, and other digital prints. There are wooden cabinets like ‘Module F2M’ (2015), filled with 3D printed sculptures, drawings, and books that hangs on a wall.

The online exhibition takes place at, complimenting its small and scaled (1:5) physical space located in the centre of Tallinn. Konstanet mainly focuses on “international collaborations with young emerging artists interested in exploring the possibilities of exhibiting their work online, merging the online and offline realm”. **

Exhibition photos, top right.

Nuno Patricio’s Body ExTended, Self-Construal was on at Tallinn’s Konstanet, launched May 26, 2015.

Header image: Nuno Patricio, Body ExTended, Self-Construal (2015). Install view. Courtesy the gallery Konstanet.

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