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Intuition + periphery in Paper Moon at SOYUZ, May 10 – 20

8 May 2017

Kalle Lindmark and Kah Bee Chow present Paper Moon at Pescara’s SOYUZ opening May 10 and running to May 20.

Curated by Domenico de Chirico and designed by Studio Zero85, the two-person show will bring together Lindmarks’ research into the “possibility to closely utilize intuition” in relation to the medium of painting and Chow’s interest in “forms of enclosures in relation to animals and the human body.” 

The Malmö-based artists will use the space to create a composition that resonates within the psychic, peripheral and unspeakable moments.

Visit the FB event page for details.**


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ON-SCREEN AND OFF @ Bid Project, Mar 25 – Apr 30

24 March 2016

There is little information on what the show will entail, down the media it will feature but hte collection of artists set to show is an impressive one, including Tilman Hornig, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Nicolas Pelzer and Sung Tieu.

Curator de Chirico, meanwhile was responsible for Antoine Donzeaud and Micah Hesse’s collaborative exhibition Needless to say I have some unusual in November last year, as well as well as the What is a bird? group exhibition in Bucharest in July.

Other artists listed as part of the ON-SCREEN AND OFF event include Pakui Hardware, B.B  5000, Gina Folly, Michele Gabriele and Yannick Val Gesto.

See the Bid Project website for (limited) details.**

Tilman Hornig @ C R A S H (2015). Install view. Photo by Stefan Haehnel. Courtesy New Scenario.
Tilman Hornig @ C R A S H (2015). Install view. Photo by Stefan Haehnel. Courtesy New Scenario.

Header image: B.B. 5000 | ℋy℘erℜruⅈn @ Davide Gallo (2015).

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What is a Bird?… @ Nicodim (2015) exhibition photos

8 October 2015

An object without context ceases to be itself. It becomes instead an abstract entity capable of holding within itself all the hopes and fears of humanity. The Domenico de Chirico-curated group exhibition What is a Bird? We Simply Don’t Know, which ran at Bucharest’s Galeria Nicodim on July 25 to 31, sets out to prove just this.

Through a selection of paintings, sculptures and wall works, seven different artists attempt to strip everyday objects and scenes from their associative context, “making visible the characters and materials that weave in and out of peripheral consciousness”. A silicone-and-wax oil puddle by Virgile Ittah and Kai Yoda becomes a lonely island, a familiar childhood cartoon slits and sketches across the picture plane until it is barely recognizable in a piece by Antoine Donzeaud, “[a] memory is cast in a foggy figure on the brink of evaporation” in Henry Chapman series of abstract paintings.

Yonatan Vinitsky, ‘Loose Ends (Blue)’ (2015). Image courtesy Galeria Nicodim.

The other participating artists contribute their own takes on abstraction of reality. Yonatan Vinitsky exhibits a series of powder-coated coils (‘Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Red.19.195.30)’) and one of rope-and-steel grids (‘Loose Ends (Blue)’). Alek O. creates a parasol fabric piece called ‘Tangram (Cat)’ as well as a two-part series of framed embroidery on canvas (‘Red’). Kenneth Alme shows a series of cotton canvas-and-acrylic paintings (‘Untitled’), and Razvan Boar creates an aluminum and powder paint installation of a two-dimensional pyramid of glasses. **

Exhibition photos, top right.

What is a Bird? We Simply Don’t Know was on at Galeria Nicodim from July 25 to July 31.

Header image: Yonatan Vinitsky, ‘Ensemble Orientation Quick Jerky Movements Stop (Blue.12.130.38)’ (2015). Image courtesy Galeria Nicodim.

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