Nora Al-Badri

Mass extinction + extraction as cultural fracking of Nora Al-Badri + Nikolai Nelles’ Not a Single Bone at NOME, Sep 8 – Nov 11

6 September 2017

Nora Al-Badri and Nikolai Nelles are presenting Not a Single Bone at Berlin’s NOME, opening September 8 and running to November 11. 

The exhibition explores the West’s colonial history of cultural extraction through paleontology, making the science and mythology around dinosaur fossils what art historian W.J.T. Mitchell calls “the totem animal of modern culture.” The duo will present their most recent HKW-funded project, called ‘Fossil Futures’ and based around research around the former German colony and excavation site of the Tendaguru Beds in Tanzania.

In reproducing these fossils using artificial intelligence and leaked data, along with the traditional tools of museums, the work questions “the fictions of authenticity told by Western institutions, and seek[s] to uncover alternative emancipatory narratives.”

Al-Badri and Nelles will also present an iteration of their 2015 project ‘The Other Nefertiti,’ an open-sourced reproduction of the Ancient Egyptian Royal Bust enabled through a data leak, its original still claimed by the Egyptian Museum of Berlin collection.  

See the NOME website for details.**

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Back to work: an evolving guide to recommended events + exhibitions across the network in September

1 September 2017

It’s that time of year again. After the slumber of summer down time, September is back to work for the art world. With our emails flooding, we decided to inhale, digest, organise and re-present what we are most excited for. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the upcoming events and exhibitions, have a look through our incomplete compilation of art shows recommendations for September. There’s a new space opening called Black Tower Projects with a group show, along with some others at The Koppel Project, Assembly Point, Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA. Music events to look out are on at DRAF and Wysing Arts Center, as well as some festivals and fairs, including Hyperlocal and Deptford X, and a number of compelling solo shows at The Residence Gallery, Kevin Space, Sandy Brown, Bodega, Sorbus and more.

Read on and we’ll keep updating throughout the month:


Patrick Goddard, ‘Great Fool Theory’ (2016) Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Seventeen, London.

– The Hive Mind group show with Bora Akinciturk, Eva Papamargariti, Yuri Pattison, Anne de Boer + others at The Koppel Project, Sep 1 – 22 

Susan Cianciolo presents solo show RUN church, RUN Restaurant, Run Store at Modern Art, Sep 1 – 30 

Marianna Simnett presents solo show Worst Gift  at Matt’s Gallery, Sep 7 – Oct 22 

– Rachel Jones presents solo show The Black In Their Face at The Residence Gallery, Sep 7 – Oct 15 

Tschabalala Self presents solo show Bodega Run at Pilar Corrias, Sep 7 – 27 

– Rachel Jones’ The Black In Their Face solo exhibition at The Residence Gallery, Sep 7 – Oct 15.

The (X) A Fantasy group show with Dora Budor, Keren Cytter, Paul Maheke, Hannah Quinlan + Rosie Hastings + others at DRAF, Sep 8 – Dec 9 

Stewart Uoo presents It’s Get Better V at ICA, Sep 15

Mimosa Echard’s Pulsion Potion at Cell Project Space, Sep 21 – Nov 5

Marianna Simnett, ‘Blood’ (2015). Video still. Courtesy the artist and Jerwood/FVU Awards.

– The Future Fictions group show with Joey Holder, core.pan, Viktor Timofeev and Pakui Hardware at Assembly Point, Sep 8 – Oct 14

Alexandra Gorczynski presents solo show Material Fiction at Annka Kultys, Sep 8 – Oct 7

Jala Wahid presents solo show Akh Milk Bile Threat at Seventeen, Sep 9 – Oct 14 

Julianna Huxtable presents a solo exhibition at Project Native Informant, Sep 14 – Oct 21

Hannah Black presents solo show Some Context at Chisenhale Gallery, Sep 15 – Dec 10

Festival Hyperlocal London with Farai, Algobabez, Lolina, Yearning Kru + more at Cafe Oto, Sep 16

Erica Scourti presents performance Dream Actions at Somerset House Studios, Sep 21

Jala Wahid, Bitter Pith (2014). Exhibition detail. Courtesy the artist + Room E-10 27, Paris.

Deptford X 2017 with Evan Ifekoya, Project O, Sam Austen, Tom Ireland, Sisters From Another Mister + others at venues across Deptford, sep 22 – Oct 1 

Black Tower Opening Night with performances by Katarina Hruskova, Patrick Goddard, Molly Palmer + more at Black Tower Projects, Sep 23 


– The Whenever the Heart Skips a Beat group show with Tabita Rezaire, Balz Isler, Lina Hermsdorf + others at Whenever the Heart Skips a Beat, Sep 1- 15

Kamilla Bischof presents solo show *kosmetische Gesänge / Cosmetic Songs* at Sandy Brown, Sep 2 – Oct 21

– Nicolas Pelzer’s Collider Body exhibition at Future Gallery​, Sep 8 – Oct 7 

Nora Al-Badri + Nikolai Nelles present two-person exhibition Not a Single Bone at NOME, Sep 8 – Nov 11

Balz Isler, ‘BOYZ IN THE WOODS’ (2014). Press image. Courtesy the artist + Galerie Conradi, Hamburg.

Harun Farocki Retrospective at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Sep 14 – Jan 28

Berlin Art Week, Sep 13 – 17

Bill Hayden presents solo who Public Relations at Société, Sep 9 – Oct 14

Anna Orłowska & Mateusz Choróbski’s Like A Sick Eagle @ Exile, Sep 13 – Oct 14

– BCR 4 Year Birthday at The Mall @ KW, Sep 14

Andrea Crespo’s [intensifies] at Kraupa Tuskany-Zeidler, Sep 16 – Oct 14

Lucie Stahl + Henning Bohl’s joint exhibition Slytherin’ at Schiefe Zähne, Sep 15 – Oct 18

– The Core Remission group show, curated by Penny Rafferty at Gr_und, Sep 30 – Oct 26

Los Angeles

– The drone of perseus group show w LaTurbo Avedon, Thomas Linder etcetera at HILDE LA, Sep 9 – Oct 23

Fuck the Patriarchy at Gas truck gallery parked at various parking locations including Night Gallery, Sep 9 – Nov 18

Alex Chaves & Grace Dunham @ The Poetic Research Bureau (2016).

– f.marquespenteado presents solo show Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? at Freedman Fitzpatrick as part of the Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA program, Sep 7 – Oct 14

– Alex Chaves’s Dizzy Buchanan solo show is on at Martos Gallery, Sep 14 – Oct 28

Ned Vena solo exhibition at 6817 Melrose, Sep 15 – Oct 12

Fawn Rogers presents Violent Garden at The Lodge, Sep 9 – Oct 7

– Mundos Alternos presents Art and Science Fiction in the Americas at ARTSblock, Sep 16 – Feb 4 

Psychic TV with L.A.Drones performing at Echoplex, Sep 22

A Cinema of Passion: Films and videos by Willie Varela at Los Angeles’ Redcat, Sep 23

New York

Petra Cortright, ‘Night Heat 19’ (2015). Detail. Courtesy the artist + Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles.

Phoebe Collings-James’ Expensive Shit solo show at 315 Gallery, Sep 8 – Oct 8

MYTH ASTRAY: A project by Arto Lindsay at Whitney Museum, Sep 7 – 10

Meriem Bennani’s Siham & Hafida at The Kitchen, Sep 13 – 27

Rachel Rossin’s Peak Performance solo exhibition at SIGNAL, Sep 29 – Oct 22

The Overworked Body: An Anthology of 2000s Dress, curated by Matthew Linde at Mathew NYC, Sep 10 – Oct 14

Will Wheeler’s Neapolitan solo show at Motel, Sep 16 — Oct 15

Everything That Is Solid Melts Into AirBNB panel at Swiss Institute, hosted by åyr, Sep 23

Ready-to-read by Hard to Read presents… “Is it Summer or Fall?” at Bridget Donahue, Sep 12

Petra Cortright presents solo show HUMAN SHEEP BRAIN “ALICE IN WONDERLAND” AMERICANA at Foxy Production, Sep 8 – Oct 8

Mindy Rose Schwartz presents a solo show at Queer Thoughts, Sep 8 –  Oct 15

Elizabeth Orr presents a solo show at Bodega, Sep 10 – TBC

Sojourner Truth Parsons presents Dolphin, Take me with You at Downs & Ross, Sep 13 – Oct 22

Helen Johnson presents solo exhibition Ends at New Museum, Sep 13 – Jan 14 

– Andrew Ross presents solo show Iceman Returns at American Medium, Sep 14 – Oct 15 

Rachel Rose presents solo show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Sep 14 – Oct 28

Rachel Rose, ‘Palisades in Palisades’ (2014). Installation view. Courtesy the aritst + Pilar Corrias, London.

Kelly Akashi presents solo show Long Exposure at SculptureCenter, Sep 18 – Dec 18


Solo show by Urban Zellweger, Moves, at Basel’s Weiss Falk, Sep 1 – Nov 4

Lauryn Youden is presenting Kunstsommer Detox, hosted by Reflektor M and part of Sacred Serpent Sessions at Frankfurt’s Meridian Spa Skyline Plaza, Sep 1 

– The MOODS #2 Inflated Story group show with Torus, Malibu, Daniel von Bothmer at Kassel’s Stellwerk, Sep 1-2 

Nkisi-curated music festival OPAQUE POETICS with Angel-Ho, Abyss X, Lolina, Klein, Patten + others at Cambridge’s Wysing Arts Centre, Sep 2

Merja Kokkonen presents solo show Onteloiset at Helsinki’s Sorbus, Sep 2 – 24 

Beatriz Olabarrieta presents solo show CLEVER TO FOLLOW GOAT at Paris’ Antoine Levi, Sep 6 – TBC

Beatriz Olabarrieta, ‘Diagonal Z Jeans’ (2014). Exhibition view. Courtesy the artist + Parallel Oaxaca, Mexico.

– The I Wanna Give You Devotion group show with Cosy Piéro, Richard John Jones and Sands Murray-Wassink at PLATFORM Munich, Sep 6 – Oct 4 

Sophie Jung presents solo show It’s Not What It Looks Like at Vienna’s Sophie Tappeiner, Sep 8 – Oct 14

Jenna Bliss presents solo show Poison the Cure at Norwich’s Outpost Gallery, Sep 8 – Oct 1

– The Commodification of Love group exhibition at Paris’ kamel mennour, Sep 8 – Nov 7

Irina Lotarevich presents solo exhibition Schemas at Vienna’s Kevin Space, Sep 9 – Oct 6 

– The 15th Istanbul Biennial a good neighbour with Georgie Netell, Morag Keil, Kaari Upson, Aude Pariset + others at venues across the city, Sep 16 – Nov 12

Jenna Bliss, ‘New Delivery’ (2017). Install view. Courtesy the artist + Cell Project Space, London.

Warsaw Gallery Weekend at venues across the city, Sep 22 – 24 

Pixelache Festival: Local + Decentralised at Helsinki’s Suvilahti, Sep 22-24

Sydney Shen presents solo show at Baltimore’s Springsteen Gallery, Sep 30 – Oct 21

Institute for New Feeling’s Avalanche performance on Sep 9 + installation at Denver’s Black Cube, Sep 14 – Oct 1

Kiah Reading is presenting the solo exhibition Be Your Own Boss! at Brisbane’s Metro Arts, Sep 6 – 23

Eric Pougeau’s 31-03 Blues at Paris’ Lily Robert, Sep 9 – 16

Adam Linder’s Service No. 5: Dare to Keep Kids Off Naturalism at Kunsthalle Basel, Sep 8 – 28

Good Housekeeping by Alex Turgeon at Toronto’s Franz Kaka, Sep 8 – 30

Mathis Gasser’s WORLD GUARDS at Barcelona’s Cordova, Sep 19 – Oct 1

Antek Walczak presents solo show Gulls v Crows at Paris’ Goton, Sep 8 – Oct 14

Nevine Mahmoud, Chantal Wnuk, + John Zane Zappas at at Torrey Pines State Beach for San Diego’s SPF15, Sep 17

Marcela Pardo Ariza’s Slow Clap solo show at R/SF projects, Sep 8 – Oct 8

Ruth Angel Edwards’ installation E N E M A S A L V A T O R E ! showing at Turin’s Almanac Inn, Sep 14 – Oct 14

Check back soon.**

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