Mindy Rose Schwartz

Small Pillow @ Arcadia Missa, Apr 9 – 15

8 April 2015

Contemporary art gallery Queer Thoughts brings a new group exhibition titled Small Pillow to London’s Arcadia Missa, where it will run from April 9 to 15.

The gallery, directed by Luis Miguel Bendaña and Sam Lipp (both of whom will also participate in the group show), features nine other artists, including Mindy Rose SchwartzLucie StahlPuppies Puppies, and K.r.m. Mooney.

The press release comes in the form of a story by artist Maliea Croy that tells of a woman that “was a child in that way—guilty for things she didn’t cause”, a woman who would “grab at things and unintentionally crush them”.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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