Natasja Loutchko

For one night only: CAVE3000 + M.I/mi1glissé present Times New Romantic July 22

20 July 2017

The Times New Romantic group exhibition at address Kurfürstenstraße 14, 10785 Berlin is taking place on July 22.

Initiated by Grażyna Roguski and Peggy Pehl, and hosted by CAVE3000 and M.I/mi1glissé, the group show will be for one night only and will also be available as an online release. Featuring 33 artists, the evening will include works by Armand Lecouturier, Anne Fellner & Burkhard Beschow, Matt WelchNatasja LoutchkoAurora Sander and Bhenji Ra among others.

Cave3000 is a private apartment and studio run by Natasja Loutchkos that aims to “investigate the balance between private and public through dialogue with other artists by invitation to make changes to the space via performance and exhibition while encouraging public interaction.” 

Visit the FB event page for details.**

Header image courtesy Tomasz Skibicki.

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Hanne Lippard + Natasja Loutchko @ Agora, Oct 31

28 October 2015

A new collaborative project from Hanne Lippard and Natasja Loutchko comes to Agora in Berlin as part of Everything Under the Sun’ series on October 31.

Drawing on the stages and timings of a dinner party, the artist’s unfold an array of performative actions in their new work, ‘In Your Mind, Out of your Body Experience’. The duo challenge popular conceptions surrounding discourses of ‘health’ and explore the ambiguities involved in notions of sustainability as well as ideas of cleansing. A blend of text, sounds and other media suggest new alternative ways of knowledge formation.

The event is part of a broader programme bringing together artists and specialists to consider current issues related to climate change and alarmism.

See the Facebook event page and Agora’s festival page for more details.**

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