Monia Ben Hamouda

“We are all together, like one big head.” Fantasy + aftermath in Paradise On Mars group show at OJ

6 November 2017

The Paradise On Mars group exhibition at Istanbul’s OJ Art Space opened September 15 and ran to September 29.

Curated by Erdem Cetrez, the show includes work by Adam StampAndrew BirkBerk CakmakciBora AkinciturkBurkut KumEmma SternHuey CrowleyLara Joy EvansMichele GabrieleMonia Ben HamoudaNicole Colombo, Pinar Marul and Vitaly Bezpalov.

An exhibition of painting, sculpture, video and installation, the curatorial premise “fantasizes the cultural aftermath of the colonization of Mars,” where current politics and geographies are explored through non-linear narrative within both the physical and present-day realities of inhabiting Earth as well as the desire for a Martian landscape. The press included a text by Andy Heckboyd that reads:

We are all together, like one big head. Floating over the land like a balloon. 
Each line-in to the central heart. It’s located in the nose. 
The thing that was figured out on Earth was how to use the internet to connect everyone to everything. 
The data would be useful. A big head on Mars. 
Is full of many different people, in individual unity.

The Paradise On Mars group exhibition at Istanbul’s OJ Art Space ran September 15 to September 29, 2017.

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