Matt Copson

Da Thirst Magazine Live @ Primary, Aug 21

19 August 2016

Claire Boyd, Matt Copson and Rose Rowson will live edit their sixth issue in the Da Thirst Magazine Live event at London’s Primary on August 21 from 12.00-18.00.

The event is part of Back-to-front-space, a series of short residencies taking place at Primary that Copson is currently involved in, and will include the work of Kerstin Braetsch, Dash Shaw, Julie Beaufils, Elizabeth Jaeger, Philip Hanson, Yuichi Yokohama, Jack Lavender, Melanie Jackson among others, as well as snails and food colouring. The performance will last throughout the day, and viewers are able to catch a glimpse of the new issue at any stage of its vandalism.

Visit the Primary website for details.**

Melanie Jackson, Back-to-Front-Space, Animation Still (2016). Courtesy of Primary.
Melanie Jackson, Back-to-Front-Space, Animation Still (2016). Courtesy of Primary.
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Dead Among the Dead! @ Ellis King, Mar 16 – Apr 23

14 March 2016

Dublin’s Ellis King is hosting group show Dead Among the Dead!, opening March 16 and running April 23.

Dead and alive, the artists participating in the show are: Nora Berman, Tina Braegger, Matt Copson (whose work ‘A Woodland Trust’ kicked off The Magazine Series at the Serpentine Sackler last month), Albrecht Dürer, Inka Essenhigh, Mike Kelley, Veit Laurent Kurz whose work recently showed at Chewdays, which aqnb reviewed earlier this year, and The Duck, Lazaros, Peter Wächtler and Pedro Wirz.

Ellis King have put on a string of large group shows that address the nature of exhibition organising in itself, like putting a plan of a Cathedral over the plan of the space and making new imaginary rooms, or hosting 32 works in show, Cookie Gate that all think about their own consumption.

Dead Among the Dead! comes with very little information and should be an interesting one, given its combination of artists and the opaque, lurking nature of what is holding their works all together.

See the Ellis King exhibition page for (limited details)**

Mike Kelley, 'City 15' (2011). Courtesy Hauser and Wirth.
Mike Kelley, ‘City 15’ (2011). Courtesy Hauser and Wirth.



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A Woodland Truce @ Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Feb 15

15 February 2016

Artist Matt Copson will present new work A Woodland Truce at London’s Serpentine Sackler Gallery on February 15.

Copson inaugurates the new experimental and immersive event series at the Sackler Gallery The Magazine Sessions with his work.

A Woodland Truce is a play without actors, a scene with deer, lighting, live and pre-recorded elements and a fox called Reynard, who regularly features in Copson’s practice. The press release tells that the animals and elements come together in the woods, discuss their biological conditioning and try and undermine it.

The music for the event is composed by London-based producer Felicita, and choir Musarc will be performing live vocals, accompanied by Marcus Nasty.

See the Serpentine Gallery webpage for more information.**

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