Marianne Forrest

Auto Italia: Shell Corporation @ tranzitdisplay, Nov 1

31 October 2016

Auto Italia is presenting the Shell Corporation group exhibition at Prague’s tranzitdisplay on November 1.

“What are the desired conditions to produce artwork? What is enabled by working collaboratively that is greater than what we can achieve alone?”

The presentation will be led by Marianne Forrest and Edward Gillman of London-based artist collective and studio Auto Italia South East and will look at the current research informing their projects.  Christina Gigliotti and Lumír Nykl will host a discussion afterwards.

Looking at alternative models of making work, through collaborative means, in particular, the session will “encourage a collective imagining of what ‘artist-led’ groups might look like and operate as in the future.”

See the FB event page for details.**

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15 September 2015

As part of group exhibition IMAGE IS A VIRUS // ON ACTIVISM, running at Berlin’s ACUD MACHT NEU from September 11 to 24, Auto Italia will be leading a panel discussion along with Paul Feigelfeld at the ACUD Studio on September 18.

The London-based artist-run space organisers Kate Cooper, Marianne Forrest and Marleen Boschen will speak with Feigelfeld, academic coordinator of the Digital Cultures Research Lab at Leuphana University Lüneburg, on questions raised by the exhibition theme inspired by art pioneers General Idea. The Canadian collective’s work preempted the viral dimension of the hypercirculating image in contemporary culture by decades, most famously with their Imagevirus series.

Th exhibition features work by the Lensbased class of Hito Steyerl, including Pauline Niedermayer, Bruno Siegrist and Till Wittwer among others, and follows ideas of anarchic images in the digital era, their circulation and representation and the “activist potential of the image in a contemporary discourse of hyper circulation”.

See the ACUD MACHT NEU exhibition page for details. **

Julia Tcharfas, Tim Ivison, Rachel Pimm, and George Moustakas, 'Recent Work By Artists' (2013). Commissioned by Auto Italia. Courtesy the artist.
Julia Tcharfas, Tim Ivison, Rachel Pimm, and George Moustakas, ‘Recent Work By Artists’ (2013). Commissioned by Auto Italia. Courtesy the artists.
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