Lynne Kouassi

Project your own obsessions inThe fiction of the fix at Tenderpixel, Jun 10

6 June 2017

The fiction of the fix event at London’s Tenderpixel is taking place on June 10 running from 3 pm to 7.

Curated by Brenda Guesnet, the one day event features work by Lynne Kouassi, Shana Moulton, Diana Policarpo, Theo Turpin and Holly White. At 6 pm there will be a performance by Diana Policarpo with Marina Elderton.

we are craving a certain unattainable density in emotions
subtle gestures that suggest something complex and vague
I will kiss you everywhere and recklessly

The event will dive into the rituals of the everyday, mixing language, myth and their power to attract. Devoted to what we can’t quite grasp, the works as us to ‘project our own obsessions’ and give into “superstition, exaggeration, and the cliché.”

Visit the Tenderpixel website for details.**

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