Gaia Vincensini on the murky role of the “artist” now in solo show Trust at 1.1, Jan 13 – 27

15 January 2018
Gaia Vincensini presents solo exhibition Trust at Basel’s 1.1 which opened January 13 and is running to January 27.
Vincensini will install a series of drawings that examine Geneva’s “inhabitants’ collective identity through its architecture and appearance.” Focusing on the artists role right in society right now, links are drawn between banks and commercial art galleries as well as cultural institutions.
The show will also include a collaboration with Eliott Villars who is contributing prints, shirts and embroideries. Vincensini is a Geneva-based artist who also works as part of the collective LGG$B who explore “an alternative to corporate identity.”
Visit the 1.1 website for details.**
Courtesy Gaia Vincensini + 1.1, Basel


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“Who am Ai?” Post-authorship and open ends in Episode 10: Boudoir Sulk at Oslo10

8 March 2017

The Episode 10: Boudoir Sulk group exhibition at Basel’s Oslo10 opened February 26 and is running to March 19.

Organised by Agatha Valkyrie Ice or (aka post-gender avatar ‘Ai’) the show is the 10th episode of the Ai curatorial programme, set up for OSLO1O, that follows the “concept of MTV Cribs.” Each exhibition/IRL story is told in a different part of the Ai sci-fi house, with past projects including Episode 4: Bathroom (2015) and Episode 5: Library (2016). In addition, there is also a web residency programme that runs alongside.

Ceylan Öztrük, ‘​Venus in Besiktas’ (2014). Performance film in Istanbul. Courtesy the artist + Oslo10, Basel.

Ai, a reworking of the concept ‘I’, is meant to embody a post-authorship role, providing an open-ended script and allowing multiplicity of voice in collective performance, where one can be both on the periphery and/or apart, but all attached to Ai by one of “Ai’s extremities.”

The final exhibition features work by Arvida ByströmMaja Malou Lyse,Deborah Holman, Nina Kettiger, LGG$B, ​Catherine Prieto Österberg​, ​Sabrina Röthlisberger, ​Mia Sánchez and Ceylan Öztrük

The installation brought together a range of sculptural interventions into the space, a video aswell as jewellery worn during event. Boudoir Sulk is accompanied by a text by Agatha Valkyrie Ice that reads somewhere between an affirmation and manifesto; a declaration that “Ai am positional, utopian, and without innocence. No longer structured by the polarity of public and private…”**

The ‘Episode 10: Boudoir Sulk’ group exhibition is on at Basel’s OSLO10, running February 26 to March 19, 2017.

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