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Paul Barsch + Tilman Hornig @ Kunsthalle Wien, Jun 19

17 June 2016

Paul Barsch + Tilman Hornig will be giving a talk via Skype at Vienna’s Kunsthalle Wien on June 19.

Moderated by Anne Faucheret, the founders of online exhibition platform New Scenario will address digitisation and digital culture’s effects on making shows, and how contemporary art venues are responding to this tendency towards dematerialisation.

The collective has been exhibiting artist’s work online since its inaugural Cronenberg and Ballard-inspired C R A S H group show in 2015, more recently presenting Body Holes as part of the ‘Fear of Content’ programme for the DIS-curated 9th Berlin Biennale.

The one-off event is happening as part of the L’Exposition Imaginaire three-month programme of lectures, talks and discussions featuring artists, art historians, architects and scholars —including New York-based artist Artie Vierkant in May.

See the Kunsthalle Wien website for details.**

Paul Barsch + Tilman Hornig, 'Toilet Piece' (2015). Install view. Courtesy the artists + OSLO1O, Münchenstein.
Paul Barsch + Tilman Hornig, ‘Toilet Piece’ (2015). Install view. Courtesy the artists + OSLO1O, Münchenstein.


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Artie Vierkant @ Kunsthalle Wien, May 19

18 May 2016

Artie Vierkant is giving a talk via Skype at Vienna’s Kunsthalle Wien on May 19.

The discussion by the New York-based artist on how the documentation of an exhibition can be more real than the original is a part of a series on the matter titled, L’Exposition Imaginaire and will be running on from its April 27 start to June 26.

How do exhibition venues deal with imaginary exhibitions, where imagination is the form of the show as well as its location?

Vierkant recently showed solo show Profile at Paris’ New Galerie, which examined and imagined the objectivisation of a human subject, one who has renounced all their rights, and abandoned their image. The upcoming talk might feature this understanding on loss and leaving things behind.

See the Kunsthalle Wien website for details.**

Artie Vierkant, Image Objects, 2011
Artie Vierkant, ‘Image Objects’, 2011. Courtesy the artist.


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