Kit Craig

The nature of reification in Even dust can burst into flames at Arcade, May 9 – Jun 3

9 May 2017

The Even dust can burst into flames group exhibition at London’s Arcade Fine Arts opens May 9 and is running to June 3.

The show features work by Anna Barham, Kit Craig, Jeremiah Day and John Latham, and takes its title from a Hannah Arendt quote where she speculates on transformation and “a veritable metamorphosis in which it is as though the course of nature which wills that all fire burn to ashes is reverted and even dust can burst into flames…”

In addition to the sculptures, drawings and installation, there will be a performance by Jeremiah Day and Bart De Kroon on May 31 at London’s on 31st Kunstraum.

Visit the Arcade website for details.**


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Nematode @ Wysing Arts Centre, May 9

7 May 2015

For the final event of their residencies, artists Kit Craig, Joey Holder and Takeshi Shiomitsu are presenting Nematode at Cambridge’s Wysing Arts Centre on May 9.

Wrapping up their respective residencies at the space (along with Electra (Irene Revell), Heather Phillipson, Paul Purgas, and Erica Scourti), the three artists have joined forces to devise a flexible framework—a kind of fragmented environment layered with film, text, spoken word, object, video and imagery—through which they present their unfinished ideas and works-in-progress, giving insight into the processes that underlaid their residencies at the arts centre.

The event of May 9 will also invite Electra’s Irene Revell, who will present films by experimental feminist film-maker Sandra Lahire, as well as contributions from Canadian artist, writer and educator Emily Rosamond and the writer, critic and curator, Chris Fite-Wassilak.

See the exhibition page for details. **


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