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Casa Delirium @ Health Mate Cafe, Nov 26

25 November 2016

The Casa Delirium night is on at London’s Health Mate Cafe on November 26.

Featuring DJ sets by Chooc Ly Tan, Imran Perretta, Philomene Pirecki and Paul Purgas — all visual artists in their own right — the event carries on an ongoing programme led by the Kings Cross internet cafe on Caledonian Road.

The organisation, which has been operating sporadic hours, has hosted intermittent exhibitions, talks, launches and listening parties, including a screening and talk by Beata Wilczek and Recsund’s INTELLECTUAL REJECT exhibition late last year.

See the FB event page for details.**

Chooc Ly Tan, 'Disobey to the Dance of Time Dusk #5' (20160. Courtesy StudioRCA Riverlight + A---Z, London.
Chooc Ly Tan, ‘Disobey to the Dance of Time Dusk #5’ (20160. Courtesy StudioRCA Riverlight + A—Z, London.
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Recsund: INTELLECTUAL REJECT @ Health Mate Cafe, Dec 4

4 December 2015

As part of the upcoming Quantum Natives records debut, Rescund is releasing the INTELLECTUAL REJECT exhibition and performance at Health Mate Cafe on December 4.

Rescund, aka Clifford Sage of Somerset, will be presenting a series of “live concepts” for the future UK-based virtual avatar, the ‘Recsund Pro Dancer©’.

The Beta showcase at Health Mate will put on display some of Rescund’s new ideas and will give an opportunity for a trip to the Recsund Pro Dancer© academy in Scotland to join a team of engineers. The exhibition and performance is followed by a live freestyle from Rescund and sets by Joe Hart and DJ Tesco Electro Base.

See the FB event page for details. **


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