Zach Blas @ Goldsmiths, Nov 23

23 November 2015

Zach Blas is presenting a lecture Conditions are Now in Transition: the Local, The Border at London’s Goldsmiths on November 23.

As an artist engaging with technology, queerness, and politics, Blas’ talk will focus on his recent work and writing around the limitations of digital calculation and visualisation of biometric recognition.

Eduoard Gilssant’s writing on opacity and his critique of transparency will present as a major reference point in the artist’s work towards a theory of ‘informatic opacity’, along with his own dystopian installations ‘Face Cages’ and his ‘Facial Weaponisation Suite’ project in thinking of art in technology.  

See the FB event page for details.**

zach blas

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‘The Standard Model’ fundraiser @ The Chapel Bar, Jun 19

19 June 2015

‘The Standard Model’, a publication project by the MFA Curating students of Goldsmiths, holds its fundraiser tonight at The Chapel Bar in London, starting at 8pm.

The publication, created as the final iteration of the Masters programme, is a collaborative book operating as a platform for new voices in the field of curation, with everything from formal essays to experimental creative writing and recorded conversations between curators and artists contributing to modern discussions on the strategies, methods, and  challenges of contemporary curation.

Tonight’s event, which costs £7,50 and comes with two free drinks, music by Europa Mondial (Jack and Joel), as well as Anne de Boer and Cory Scozzari, and live visuals from Derzu Campos and Barbara Gamper, comes in addition to the Kickstarter created for the production and publication of the book.

See the FB event page for details. **

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Creative Machine @ Goldsmiths, Nov 6 – 14

3 November 2014

Goldsmiths University is putting on the Creative Machine group show this month, taking place at the university’s gallery and running from November 6 to November 14.

The group show, which brings 22 different artists and art collectives for a major exhibition exploring “the twilight world of human/machine creativity” and comprised of a multitude of media, including video and computer art, installations, AI and robotics, as well as apps created by leading artists form the university and international artists invited to participate.

Preceding the exhibition’s opening night, which begins at 6pm, Goldsmiths University is also hosting The Human Interactive Conference, running throughout the day on November 6 and featuring a host of academic speakers and industry leaders discussing computer games, robotics, neuroscience, bioinformatics and computer art, among other topics.

See the Creative Machine website for details. **


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Goldsmiths MFA Show 2014, Jul 10 – 14

9 July 2014

London’s Goldsmiths College is celebrating its 2014 Master of Fine Art (MFA) showcase, which will run at their campus grounds from July 10 to July 14.

The eclectic programme will feature the works of over 50 Fine Art graduates at the culmination of their two-year studies, including Gro Sarauw, Daniel Oxholm Sørensen, Rebeen Hamarafiq, and Ting-Ting Cheng.

Also included in the programme are a few art writers participating in the MFA, including Judith Browning and Daphne de Sonneville.

See the Goldsmiths MFA Show 2014 flyer for details. **

Cigaret from rebeen on Vimeo.

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Visual Cultures as… @ Goldsmiths, Feb 5

4 February 2014

The Department of Visual Cultures at London’s Goldsmiths is launching book series Visual Cultures as… on February 5.

Interrogating divergent perspectives on the field of Visual Cultures, the series of short, co-authored paperbacks each interrogate a topic, in two essays, in one book. The first three titles feature Visual Cultures as …Seriousness, …Recollection and, most interestingly, …Objects and Affects. They’ll be supplemented on the night by a panel discussion featuring their respective authors –including Gavin Butt, Jorella Andrews, Lynn Turner, Astrid Schmetterling, Simon O’Sullivan and Irit Rogoff –as well as music by Otolith Group members Mark Fisher and Kodwo Eshun.

Read an aqnb comment on ‘The object in ‘Net Art‘ and see the Goldsmiths website for details. **

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‘Tilt’ Goldsmiths MA Design Show, Sep 19 – 22

12 September 2013

Problem-solving is at the core of design and for Goldsmiths MA Design show Tilt at Hoxton Gallery at the Arch, running September 19 to 22, some of those problems include London food waste, the perpetual pursuit of more space and future landfill. Hence the fox diners, Japanese modular shelving and a design disposal manifesto being just some of the conundrums showing during London Design Festival.

Covering industrial, communication and spatial design, 40 projects from graduates who’ve already shown at Milan Salone, 100% Design and been recognised at the A’Design Awards, there’s little doubt of the world-class ideas generation no doubt on display.

See the Hoxton Gallery website for more details. **

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Degree Shows 2013 @ Goldsmiths reviewed

20 June 2013

Across Goldsmiths’ various venues, this year’s roster of artists at Degree Shows 2013 have constructed passenger jet cabins, smoke-filled bathrooms and holistic waiting rooms scattered with everything from snakes to ultra-violet drawings. Each space is a result of a battle between students to bag a place in which to exhibit; all of them a showcase of where this generation’s interests lie. Undoubtedly the shadow of yesteryear’s alumni, such as the Young British Artists, still hangs over the south London College but the younger ones have also had their say into how their imaginations have been shaped.

In particular there are threads to be woven between Lucky PDF and graduates who play with pop-culture and post-internet theory, choosing to group themselves under the banner of Consensual Hallucinations. A term borrowed from science fiction author William Gibson’s book Neuromancer, they express a wish to engage with the ideal of individual ownership over a virtual reality, the power to connect or disconnect others and surf pleasurably with no physical threat.

Billy Howard, 'Price Constant Elevation (2013). Video Still.
Billy Howard, ‘Price Constant Elevation (2013). Video Still.

Rebecca Cooper has the same poetry for titles as Damien Hirst. ‘The Simultaneous Death and Birth of my Social Self: Part One: Preliminary’ cleverly uses a water cooler as a readymade. On its own, it’s a simple “one liner” of an artwork but, as part of an installation, it’s a key to a larger narrative focused on social networking. A built-in iPad links those who type out messages onto its screen to a larger chat room and wireless headphones hooked up to a soundtrack of Hip Hop and Dance music clips. They’re in turn linked to a mapped projection across a series of plains that garnered many laughs, and even a few people dancing.

Billy Howard also has a water cooler in his space, but this time as a prop to set the scene for a waiting room where spectators sit before being invited in for the main event. It turns out to be a high-octane music video filled with green screens, analogue effects and a knowledgeable character, (taken from a 1970s science show) whose dialogue informs us on mass-media theory, reveals the process behind the work’s construction and speaks on the importance of energy, as particles on the screen break up.

In contrast, Racheal Crowther uses a small television screen with a video of a snake sliding across the white tiled floor where the viewer is standing to create a hallucinatory effect, in which grapes are dipped in pink clay, synthetic fur creates a pool of dirt and a sense of past and present is disrupted.

Across Goldsmiths’ BA Fine Art show a host of strong students experimented with performance art, aural and visual crossover and even computer binary as language. Nevertheless, it’s here in particular that three individuals found a shared interdisciplinary interest, with a clear debt to predecessors but also a fresh eye on the future. **

Goldsmiths BA Fine Art Degree Shows ran from Sunday, June 14 to Wednesday June 17, 2013.

Header image: Racheal Crowther, ‘How 2 Dress’ (2013).

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