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Miracle Marathon @ Serpentine Galleries, Oct 8 – 9

3 October 2016

The Miracle Marathon is on at London’s Serpentine Galleries, as part of Frieze week in the UK capital, running October 8 to 9.

After the previous marathons Extinction (2014) and Transformation (2015), we turn our attention to something more magical. Developed with artist Sophia Al-Maria, this year’s theme looks at ritual and repetition “to consider ways in which the imaginary can not only predict, but also play a part in affecting long-term futures.” The extensive line-up brings together a number of cross-disciplinary practitioners from the fields of art, science, activism, music, literature and theology among many others.

Day 1 will take place in West London at Serpentine Sackler Gallery and will also be live video streamed here. To begin the program, Gilbert & George present ‘FUCKOSOPHY FOR ALL’ followed by Al-Maria’s own ‘The Unblinding’

The afternoon includes Etel AdnanJussi ParikkaGenesis P-OrridgeTimothy Morton and into the evening with James Bridle and Calla HenkelMax Pitegoff. There will be an installation by Douglas Gordon, a live blog by Legacy Russell, and two films by Jimmie Durham and Rachel Maclean.

Day 2 will be 12 hours of performances, screenings and installations recorded in front of a live audience and broadcasted on Serpentines radio station. Contributors include Jesse DarlingTakeshi Shiomitsu, and Martine Syms, as well as an installation by Sarah Abu Abdallaha new film by Marianna Simnett, a conversation between Hito Steyerl and Milo Rau and an audio blog by William Kherbek throughout, among many other things.
See the Serpentine Galleries website for details.**
'Miracle Marathon' (2016). Promotional image. Courtesy of Serpentine Galleries, London.
‘Miracle Marathon’ (2016). Promotional image. Courtesy of Serpentine Galleries, London.
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Take Me (I’m Yours) @ The Jewish Museum, Sep 16 – Feb 5

15 September 2016

The Take Me (I’m Yours) group exhibition is on at New York’s The Jewish Museum, opening September 16 and running to February 5.

The show takes its name and idea from the 1995 exhibition organised by Serpentine Galleries artistic director Hans Ulrich Obrist and artist Christian Boltanski, building on the anarchist idea of ‘property is theft’ and post-60s dematerialisation of the art object to exhibit work by 12 artists that visitors could not only touch but take home.

Features over 40 artists from across generations, including Ian Cheng, Heman Chong, Andrea Fraser, Jonas Mekas, Rachel Rose, and Amalia Ulman, this latest iteration applies the same ethos where visitors are encouraged to engage with and take ownership of the artworks, curating their own collections and directly impacting the exhibition landscape.

Other artists taking part include Gilbert & George, Yngve Holen, Yoko Ono and Tino Sehgal, while James Lee Byars‘ ‘Be Quiet’ (1980) will be running every Saturday afternoon, along with a performance by Sondra Perry, the date and time to be announced.

See The Jewish Museum website for details.**

Ian Cheng, Emissary Forks at Perfection (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy Pilar Corrias, London.
Ian Cheng, Emissary Forks at Perfection (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy Pilar Corrias, London.

Header image:Felix Gonzalez-Torres, “Untitled” (USA Today) (1990). Install view. © The Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation. Courtesy Andrea Rosen, New York.

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