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Frieze 2016 recommendations, Oct 6 – 9

3 October 2016

London’s Frieze Art Fair 2016 is opening October 6 and running to October 9. The event will be host to a range of curated exhibitions, talks, performances and events, with a keynote presentation by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

See below for our recommendations of the main event, and here for offsite and fringe events:


A daily series of lunchtime discussions will focus this years’ attention on ‘Borderlands’, inviting artists such as Hannah Black, Fatima Al Qadiri, Alexandra BachzetsisJosh Kline, Jill Magid and Lauren Cornell among others to discuss “the geographic, social and psychological borders that we construct and fight to break down.”


Bringing together editors, writers and special guests, the reading room will host Stephanie Bailey in conversation with Sophia Al-Maria and Lawrence Lek, as well as conversations with Keren Cytter, Jon Rafman and Donna Huanca.


A programme of performances will take place every day from October 5 to 9, including ‘Jõusaal (Gym)’ by Augustas Serapinas —who is currently showing Housewarming with Emalin in London —as well as Lloyd Corporation, and Mahmoud Khaled who will explore themes of censorship and surveillance.


This years Frieze projects, curated by Raphael Gygaxlooks at ‘transformation’ through sound, theatre, dance and literature, with work by Coco Fusco, Martin Soto Climent, and Frieze Artist Award-winner Yuri Pattison and more.


We recommend checking out the all-woman booth at Dubai’s The Third Line, as well Liz Magic Laser at Various Small Fires (VSF), Los Angeles.

See a more booth picks below:

303 Gallery, New York
47 Canal, New York
Antenna Space, Shanghai
The Approach, London
Arcadia Missa, London
The Breeder, Athens
Gavin Brown’s enterprise, Birmingham
Callicoon Fine Arts, New York
Chewday’s, London
C L E A R I N G, New York
Pilar Corrias Gallery, London,
dépendance, Brussels
Exile, Berlin
Greene Naftali Gallery, New York
Herald St, London
High Art, Paris
Ibid Gallery, London + Los Angeles
Jan Kaps, Cologne
König Galerie, London
Koppe Astner, Glasgow
Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna
Limoncello, London
Martos Gallery, New York
Galerie Neu, Berlin
Night Gallery, Los Angeles
P.P.O.W, New York
Peres Projects, Berlin
Galeria Plan B, Berlin
Seventeen, London
Silberkuppe, Berlin
Sprüth Magers, London
Société, Berlin
The Sunday Painter, London
Supportico Lopez, Berlin
Truth and Consequences, Geneva
David Zwirner, London.**

Header Image: Liz Magic Laser, ‘Primal Speech’ (2016). Single-channel video installation. Courtesy the artist + VSF


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Shanzhai Biennial @ Project Native Informant, Oct 15 – Nov 15

13 October 2014

For its third round in as many years, Shanzhai Biennial is presenting a massive estate as part of London’s Frieze Art Fair, running concurrently at Frieze and at Project Native Informant from October 15 to November 15.

The New York-based collective, consisting of stylist Avena Gallagher, artist and creative director Babak Radboy and fashion designer Cyril Duval, sees itself as “a multinational brand posing as an art-project posing as a multinational brand posing as a biennial” and for this year’s event, titled Shanzhai Biennial No. 3: 100 Hamilton Terrace, they will attempt to sell a £32,000,000 estate consisting of parallel commercial installations peppered with high-gloss ads.

Removing the last scrap of pretense from what is becoming an increasingly commercialised art market, the collective takes the notion of commercial art to the next level, transforming both the gallery and Frieze space into functioning real estate boutiques designed to “unlock the potential of Frieze as a lifestyle brand”.

Read an aqnb interview with Babak Radboy and see the Project Native Informant exhibition page for details. **


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Art fatigue

17 October 2011

The Frieze came to an end yesterday and the art world is looking worse for wear. From the interns to the gallery directors, from the displays to the cafés, there is a slight fraying around the edges that can only come from more than 4 days of  12 hour shifts followed by too much champagne and not much food. The point of saturation has been reached. Even the venerable Alison Knowles – founding member of the Fluxus movement – could not keep me on site any longer than necessary with her intriguing performances.

For Ledge at Sluice Sarah Bowker-Jones presents Oops!... I did it again, invited project
For Ledge at Sluice Sarah Bowker-Jones presents Oops!... I did it again, invited project

Yet, this momentous week could not possibly be wrapped up without a nod to the Frieze fringe. Indeed, the Frieze is not just an art fair, it’s a series of opportunities, it’s a context to be shamelessly used if you’re an artist or one of the smaller galleries. Keeping in mind that dealers the world over flock to Frieze and take over the posh hotels and trendy haunts of London, why not find a way to get their attention that does not require the extravagant expense of  a booth at Frieze?

You can trust London creatives to come up with thrifty alternatives to present their work. After all, Frieze might have mastered the fair format and claimed the top position in the capital but London is big enough to accommodate other art fairs without cramping anyone’s style. Continue reading Art fatigue

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