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A short guide to ART-O-RAMA: Signature lines in the first international art fair in the South of France

21 August 2017

ART-O-RAMA is on at Marseille’s Friche la Belle de Mai  running August 25 to 27.

Created in 2007 and now in its 11th edition, the event is the first art fair to take place in the South of France. Run by Jérôme Pantalacci, the curatorial premise has its own unique format that allows the galleries and artists to design their exhibition space; each booth creating ‘signature lines’ in the project.

The fair brings together an intimate number of 26 international galleries and six publishing houses, including a guest project by Sabrina Belouaar. This year’s Showroom, running to September 10, features work by François Bellabas among others.

In addition there are a nunmber of talks moderated by Cédric Aurelle on the themes of “polarisation and the emergence of new contemporary art scenes,” which include ‘The Art Market between Feminism and Decolonialism’ on August 26 and ‘South(s) as a State of Mind’ on August 27.

Notable exhibitors include: 

– London’s Narrative Projects showing Rachel Lowe

 – ltd los angeles showing Josefin Arnell, Arielle de Pinto and Margaret Haines

– Berlin’s Klemm’s showing Fiona Mackay and Émilie Pitoiset

– Berlin’s Exile showing Pakui Hardware, Erik Niedling and Paul Sochacki

– Cologne’s DREI showing Anna Virnich

– Berlin’s Neumeister Bar-Am showing Estrid Lutz and Émile Mold

– Paris’ Antoine Levi showing Daniel Jacoby and Piotr Makowski

– Rotterdam’s Cinnamon showing Esther Tielemans

– London’s ICA showing a number of their most recent publications

– Paris’ mfc-michèle didier showing Fiona Banner, Robert Barry and The Guerrilla Girls

Visit the ART-O-RAMA website for details.**

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Club Late Music on building a better internet for their “Global URL Nation” launched with a mix

26 April 2017

“We are very attached to this vision that music and art are the same thing,” writes Brice Reiter in an email about the mission of Club Late Music, CLM for short. The self-started Paris, London and sometimes Tokyo-based “open-source music collective” is releasing a new compilation, called Gun on April 26, along with a new mission towards building a ‘Global URL Nation’ by inviting producers and artists from around the world to apply. The latter collaborative project will launch via a subscription page on the as-yet-to-go-live website, where anyone is eligible to apply for a “symbolic membership.” From there they will be given free entry into any CLM club night, as well participation in other events and the opportunity to propose their own ideas to be executed via the platform.

This approach goes some way in explaining the mission of the people behind CLM, London-based Reiter, Paris-based François Bellabas and Ryuma (a.k.a Dragon Uma) in Tokyo. There are other members and associates too, including Prince Lucien, T / B / O and AZN Girl, as well as Mainz-based creative studio Sucuk & Bratwurst. “We are living in a complete new paradigm where the internet has completely changed our way of doing things, even in music, even in art,” continues Reiter, who says this new online way of life is as much about gathering people with the same vision together as it is finding what he calls “new art forms.” That includes a video by artist Shemale — also included in the Gun compilation and here sharing an exclusive mix with AQNB to mark its release today — called ‘Everything must go‘ (2017), showing the process of deleting, destroying, changing an image via the erase features of Photoshop. 

CLUB LATE NIGHT 2nd Anniversary poster (2017). Courtesy Club Late Music‎, London.

“It is easier to connect with people, new sub cultures, emerging arts, emerging trends, new ways of thinking, creating; new experiences, etcetera, etcetera,” adds Reiter, about the potential of the swarm and what he calls “a real new nation rising up from art and music today.” So, in building this new world for artists to inhabit, we asked Reiter to share with us the identities behind the avatars on the Gun compilation and why they might fit in with this future Global URL Nation.

Pierre Le Disque Jockey

“We met Pierre Le Disque Jockey in Paris because he usually goes to the same nights as us. He released a great song on the CASUAL GABBERZ compilation two months ago. He represents pretty well what we love.”


“I met Blastto in London because I bumped into his Souncloud and I fell completely in love with his music. He has many good projects coming up too. He is a graphic design in life. We love this way to create music and art.”

Adel Faure

“This is a recommendation from Robin (Shemale). Adel Faure makes some real weird glitchy club music. We are curious to see what he will do in the future, especially because he loves blending french rap songs to make them sound club.”

GUN (2017) cover art. Courtesy Club Late Music, London.


“I discovered Kid Cala on Soundcloud. His music is fucking good, well-produced. He is an amazing producer. His music is halfway between moombathon and club music. We love his influences that come from different cultures and countries.”


“We’ve known Lil Crack for a while. He’s released many things on the Parisian-based label [Re]sources. We love his music and his way of seeing it, in general.”


“Everyone should keep an eye on Lyzza. She is a young producer based in the Netherlands. Our friend Yung Soft invited her to play for his URL party (called CARE). We loved her vibe and her music, so we asked her to make something for us.”


“What we love with Metrakit is his way of disrupting the music he is making. There is something really interesting. For an example, he just released this remix of Skepta that is just hilarious. We love this way of doing new things with music.”


“It has been a long time that we wanted to have MSTK on one of our compilation. Every time, he was too busy to do something. We got a great track from him and we are more than happy to feature him.”

Courtesy Club Late Music, London.


“Prince Lucien lives in London. He has been a part of CLM from the beginning. He is an incredible music producer. We have not got the opportunity to get a song from him on the previous compilation because he was really busy. His song is a bomb.”


“Shemale is our third man, he lives between Paris and Arles, in the south of France. What is amazing with him it is how he blends music, photo and art. He always adds a slab of humour to his work, which often subtle but always relevant!”


Sport eyes is composed of two guys from New York. They are big fans of our last compilation. I bumped into their Soundcloud a while ago and I was like, “okay, this sounds great, I need to get it on the side for the next comp” and when it was the time, I asked them to do something for us. It turned out a good thing.”


“He loves the universe of Ultramiedo. The song he made for us is called ‘YOLO.’ What better to represent the Internet culture? I don’t know where he is from, but you should have a listen on his Soundcloud, it is amazing.”

Courtesy Club Late Music, London.

Von Ström

“We know Von Ström from some stuff he’s done for Boukan Records. He blends the power of techno with the catchy rhythms coming from the ghetto house.”


“Wrack is from Tokyo. He is a close friend of NAAFI crew. I discovered his Soundcloud some time ago. I’ve kept an eye on him and I’ve thought it was time to ask a track for this compilation.”**

Club Late Music is releasing it’s Gun compilation on April 26, with a 2nd Anniversary event to follow at Paris’ L’Officine 2.0 on April 28, 2017.

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