Feathers Together

Aiden Morse + Anna Crews @ HOUSE Gallery, Aug 8

5 August 2015

Australian art couple Aiden Morse and Anna Crews are opening another joint exhibition, this time titled Feathers Together in Carrollton, Georgia, USA at HOUSE Gallery on August 8.

The two have worked together extensively before, including Quiet Enjoyment this past January in which they installed and dismantled an entire exhibition in their shared home in Melbourne’s Barkly Place the day before moving out, En Suite at Fort Delta in March of last year that had ‘ ‘his’ and ‘her’ bathrooms, as well as Morse’s solo show A Soft Opening. There Crews contributed a text simply called ‘Praise for Aiden Morse’ while calling herself simply as “Aiden’s Girlfriend Anna”.

For their new show at HOUSE Gallery, the press release reads like a badly written page out of a modern romance novel, beginning with “Anna finds lovebirds nesting above the window” and telling the story of the couple’s everyday domestic interactions and Aiden’s use of “avian romances, anthropomorphised door snakes, imagined bird strikes and subsequent cremations in a conflation of autobiography and paranoid fantasy”.

See the FB exhibition page for details. **


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