Marianne Vlaschits @ DUVE, Sep 16 – Oct 29

15 September 2016

Marianne Vlaschits‘ solo exhibition *a disturbance travelling through a medium* is on at Berlin’s DUVE, opening September 16 and running to October 29.

Curated by Karim Crippa, the exhibition press release, written by Penny Rafferty, describes a speculative future where life on mars is ruled by a matriarchal system that respects the arts and leaves behind “the macho matter and their binary tech gadgets” of patriarchal earth.

For*a disturbance travelling through a medium*  the Austrian artist will transform the DUVE gallery space into a woman-run futuristic spaceship, based on the theory that women are engineered for cosmic travel, based on a cosmic bias towards the assumption that they are lighter and consume less calories than men.

See the DUVE website for details.**

Marianne Vlaschits, Malibu Moonrise (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy the artist + KN Berlin.
Marianne Vlaschits, Malibu Moonrise (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy the artist + KW, Berlin.
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Debora Delmar Corp. @ Duve Berlin, Jun 10 – Jul 16

8 June 2016

Mexico City-based artist Debora Delmar Corp. will present solo show *Headquarters* at DUVE Berlin, opening June 10 and running July 16.

Delmar, who founded Debora Delmar Corp. (also known as DD) in New York in 2011, has created a fictional juice brand called MINT, after the acronym Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey, a term popularized by Jim O’Neill from global investment banking organisation Goldman Sachs. This was under the premise that these countries will become the future economic powers, which —as the press release notes —does not necessarily reflect the current social, economic and political conflict happening there.

The show will combine corporate and organic aesthetics as the official head quarters of MINT, offering the promise of a dream lifestyle in its guise.

The work and exhibition is a part of 2016s Berlin Biennale.

See the DUVE Berlin website for more details.**

Ella Plevin + Daniel Keller @ Débora Delmar Corp @ Dissent as an iPhone App (2016). Exhibition view. Courtesy Arbyte, London.
Ella Plevin + Daniel Keller @ Débora Delmar Corp @ Dissent as an iPhone App (2016). Exhibition view. Courtesy Arbyte, London.






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Art Cologne 2016, Apr 13 – 17

13 April 2016

Art Cologne is on again, this year celebrating its 50th anniversary and running in the German city April 13 and 17.

Last year mid-April was extremely busy so we wrote this, and picked out a couple of names like Katja Novitskova, Daniel Keller and Slavs and Tatars who contributed to the overall line up of the oldest art fair in the world.

This year sees a number of gallerists pairing up to present artists, like DREI and Proyectos Monclova who are collaborating in their presentation of artists Hayley Aviva Silverman, Anna Virnich and collective, Tercerunquinto, and Natalia Hug Gallery with LA’s Mier space who are presenting Jana Schroeder.

Maximilian Arnold, Christopher Füllemann and Leonhard Hurzlmeier will present with Berlin’s DUVE while Georgia-based Andro Wekua‘s show Anruf, opens at Kölnischen Kunstverein during the weekend of Art Cologne and continues until June 19.

See the Art Cologne website for the extensive list of around 200 international galleries.**

Andro Wekua. Get out of my room, (2006). Courtesy the artist and Gladstone Gallery
Andro Wekua. ‘Get out of my room’ (2006). Courtesy the artist and Gladstone Gallery.


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Mirrors @ Duve, Mar 11 – Apr 16

10 March 2016

The Mirrors group show, curated by Elise Lammer, is on at Berlin’s DUVE, opening March 11 and running April 16.

There is little information given with the exhibition apart from that it “is a show about smoking”.

Artists include Neïl Beloufa, Charlotte Herzig, Gilles Furtwängler, Louisa Gagliardi, Ramaya Tegegne, and Pauline Beaudemont among others.

Also a part of Mirrors is a thematic film programme including works by Jean-Luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, George Egerton-Warburton, Frank Lloyd Wright and Gabriel Lester on March 31.

See the Duve website for (limited) details**

Pauline Beaudemont, L'Age D'Or (2014) @ SALTS, Birsfelden. Installation view. Photo Gunnar Meier. Courtesy the gallery.
Pauline Beaudemont, L’Age D’Or (2014) @ SALTS, Birsfelden. Installation view. Photo Gunnar Meier. Courtesy the gallery.


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Ivan Comas @ DUVE Berlin, Nov 6 – Dec 18

4 November 2015

DUVE Berlin opens a solo show of new works by Argentinian painter Ivan Comas, titled Days Go By and running from November 6 to December 18.

The launch marks Comas’ first solo show in a European gallery, created during his stay in Berlin using industrial materials like cement and household paint in combination with photography and UV printing.

For the Buenos Aires-born, Paris-educated and LA- and Berlin- based artist, the “construction and deterioration of metropolitan cities” is often both the starting point and the theme, and the abstracted and textured canvases show a kind of struggle between green spaces and urban landscapes.

See the exhibition page for details. **


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Gallery Weekend Berlin, May 1 – 3

30 April 2015

Gallery Weekend Berlin is back for another run in Berlin this weekend, running at various locations throughout the city from May 1 to May 3.

There’s a lot to see, both in terms of events and exhibitions. Anna Zett, Mikkel Carl and Pakui Hardware are among the artists taking part in the Gislind Köhler-curated Crystal Readings at Soy Capitán. Other great shows include the fascinating (and poisonous) *Echoes* by Marguerite Humeau at DUVE, as well as Darja Bajagić and Aleksander Hardashnakov‘s Softer Than Stone And Sick In Your Mind at Croy Nielsen.

Then there’s Athena Papadopoulos‘s solo show at Supportico LopezIda Ekblad‘s RELOAD at Galerie Max Hetzler, and screenings by Mario Pfeifer and Renzo Martens / Institute for Human Activities at KOW.

Other not-to-be-missed ones include: Ape Culture at HKW, Alex Vivian‘s Scenes at Sandy Brown, the High Pressure Systems group show at KonzulatField Vision by Christian Jankowski and Jon Rafman at Future Gallery, and Windowlicker at Center.

See the Gallery Weekend website for details. **


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Marguerite Humeau @ DUVE, Apr 30 – Jun 6

28 April 2015

Another great solo show by French artist Marguerite Humeau is opening up this week, with *Echoes* running at Berlin’s DUVE from April 30 to June 6.

Her last exhibition in Berlin, Horizons, took over Import Projects with one of the best openings of the year, and she returns to the city with another feat of the imagination. In *Echoes*, we are told, the walls of DUVE are streaked with a yellow pigment as part of Humeau’s ‘Black Mamba’ installation. The pigment, sourced in Florida, contains 2 grams of fatally poisonous venom.

In front of the deadly mural are Humeau’s signature varnished white polystyrene sculptures. They too will participate in the toxic exchange of Humeau’s imagining: they will spend the next six weeks, “calmly generating potions and toxins – agonists and antagonists – as in the case of ‘Wadjet (King Cobra)’, which is engineered to produce its own antidote [and] ‘Sobek (Muhammad Ali)’ [which] produces resilient alligator blood on an industrial scale”.

See the DUVE exhibition page for details. *

COBRA 1500 08_03_2015 ALL

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Events + exhibitions, Apr 27 – May 3

27 April 2015

Gallery Weekend Berlin is on the week starting April 27, with a slew of events and exhibitions happening in the German city. Notably, Anna Zett, Mikkel Carl and Pakui Hardware are among the artists taking part in the Gislind Köhler-curated Crystal Readings, followed by events at CenterFuture Gallery, Sandy Brown and many more Berlin spaces. Marguerite Humeau, Olga BalemaDarja Bajagić and Yuri Pattison are among some of the artists showing throughout the city, while Black Cracker and Momus are performing live at HAU.

In London, Lisa Holzer is opening Keep All Your Friends at Rowing, Jupiter Woods has a group exhibition including Josephine Callaghan, Andrea De Stefani and Felix Melia to name a few, Michael Welsh, Tabor Robak and Mica Levi (aka Micachu) have shows in New York, and Oslo10 is extending Welcome to Ai Crib! with an installation by Agatha Valkyrie Ice in Münchenstein, Switzerland.

There’s more so see below:


Let’s Talk Intersectionality reading + discussion @ The Feminist Library, Apr 28

*D*A*D*D*Y*C*I*T*Y* @ Sade Gallery, Apr 28

Hannah Black @ Storage, Apr 28

Artists, what is your collective value? @ ICA, Apr 29

Under the Moon @ May Day Rooms, Apr 29

Boris Groys @ Swiss Institute, Apr 30

Hype. Your. Writers. Like. Your. Rappers. @ SOAS, Apr 30

Poetic Research Bureau @ Banner Repeater, Apr 30

Kongress der Möglichkeiten @ Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Apr 30 – May 10

Crystal Readings @ Soy Capitán., Apr 30

Gallery Weekend Berlin, May 1 – 3

Extreme Animals @ Trans-Pecos, May 1

AFROFUTURISM | Conference @ The New School, May 1 – 3

WE (Not I) @ Flat Time House, May 1

Die Revue @ HAU, May 1

Machine Divas @ ICA, May 1

BEHIND GLASS @ Dalston Studios, May 2 – 3

Music, Curationism, and the End of the Avant-Garde @ Brilliant Corners, May 2

Open Source @ Gillett Square, May 2

Unpunctual Encounters @ CGP, May 2

Collecting Digital Art @ FvF Apartment, May 2 

Micachu @ MoMA PS1, May 3

Politics, Theatre and Cultural Resistance @ V&A, May 3


SUNSCREEN @ EM15, Apr 27

Britta Thie @ Schirn Kunsthalle, Apr 28 – Sep 28

Hector Arce-Espasas @ Evelyn Yard, Apr 28 – May 30

Welcome to Ai Crib! @ Oslo10, Apr 28 – 29

Ape Culture @ HKW, Apr 29 – Jul 6

Alex Vivian @ Sandy Brown, Apr 29 – May 23

Windowlicker @ Center Berlin, Apr 29 – May 3

Marcin Dudek @ Edel Assanti, Apr 29 – Jun 6

Nascent States @ Waterside Contemporary, Apr 29 – Jul 11

Marguerite Humeau @ DUVE, Apr 30 – Jun 6

Megan Rooney @ Almanac Projects, Apr 30 – Jun 30

Lisa Holzer @ Rowing, Apr 30 – May 30

»HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEMS« @ Konzulát, Apr 30 – May 3 

Karin Lehmann @ Seventeen Gallery, Apr 30 – May 30

Christian Jankowski + Jon Rafman @ Future Gallery, Apr 30 – Jun 13

Amir Fattal @ Anna Jill Lüpertz, Apr 30 – May 20

International Currency @ Lodos Gallery, Apr 30 – Jun 27

Mark Soo @ Union Pacific, May 1 – 23

Pier Paolo Pasolini + Carlos Reyes @ Arcadia Missa, May 1 – Jun 27

pǝǝu noʎ ןןɐ @ Riverside, space, May 1 – Jun 7

this place is really nowhere @ Jupiter Woods, May 1 – 24

Olga Balema, Darja Bajagic + Aleksander Hardashnakov @ Croy Nielsen, May 1 – Jun 13

Navid Nuur @ Plan B, May 1 – Jun 27

Yuri Pattison @ Helga Maria Klosterfelde, May 1 – Jun 20

Athena Papadopoulos @ Supportico Lopez, May 1 – Jun 6

Ida Ekblad @ Max Hetzler, May 1 – 30

Renzo Martens @ KOW, May 1 – Jul 26

Rollin Leonard @ Transfer Gallery, May 2 – 23

Chloe Lum + Yannick Desranleau @ Hugues Charbonneau, May 2 – Jun 6

Patrick Goddard @ OUTPOST Gallery, May 2 – 31

Lindsay Lawson @ Gillmeier Rech, May 2 – Jun 6

Michael Welsh @ American Medium, May 2 – 14

Tabor Robak @ Team Gallery, May 3 – Jun 7

Magali Reus @ SculptureCenter, May 3 – Jul 5

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Chloe Lum + Yannick Desranleau @ Hugues Charbonneau.

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