Carson Fisk-Vittori

Body Holes @ New Scenario, launches Jun 3

1 June 2016

The Body Holes group exhibition is launching online at New Scenario, opening June 3.

The show is the third and most elaborate project run by the digital platform, founded by Paul Barsch and Tilman Hornig, and will take the concept treating the natural orifices of the human body as practical exhibition spaces for art. It is a part of this year’s Berlin Bienniale, which runs June 4 to September 18, and you can find it, once launched, in the BB9 online ‘#Fear of Content’ section.

Included will be work by Dorota Gaweda & Eglé Kulbokaité, Jesse DarlingJaakko PallasvuoEd Fornieles, and Burkhard Beschow & Anne Fellner, among others, in Body Holes, which is loosely connected to the collaborative exhibition Episode 4: Bathroom by Barsch and Hornig which closed in January this year.

Other artists involved include Yves SchererAnna SagströmAdam Cruces, Jake Kent, Bruno Zhu and Carson Fisk-Vittori.

See the FB event page for more details and a run down of all the artists involved.**

Jake Kent, Everything's a Ruin Waiting to Happen (2016). Install detail. Courtesy the artist and Cactus Gallery, Liverpool.
Jake Kent, Everything’s a Ruin Waiting to Happen (2016). Install detail. Courtesy the artist and Cactus Gallery, Liverpool.
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Carson Fisk-Vittori @ Mon Chéri, March 9 – April 15

8 March 2016

Carson Fisk-Vittori is presenting solo exhibition Disturbance Ecology at Brussels’ Mon Chéri, opening March 9 and running April 15.

The accompanying text sits something like a text edit box on a desktop where you might write to yourself about current thoughts on what you are doing, thinking or making -although it is kind of aware and not entirely diaristic. The text’s atmosphere is quite rare and goes someway to slot into what the press release proper tells about Fisk-Vittori’s work: that it “employs devices through which we experience and manipulate our environment, and analyzes our attempts to commodify the natural world”.

What the New York-based artist is going through is what ingredients are used to repel animals: deer, spiders, snakes, mosquitos, flies, as well as describing images they have seen of people hand-pollinating plants using tools like soft brushes or tufts of dog hair.

Then there is a strange ending, a statement in two parts, a relationship between someone growing saffron and plants being sick: “Saffron is actually a type of pollen from the crocus flower. Weird.”

See the FB Event page for more details**

Carson Fisk-Vittori. Image courtesy the artist.
Carson Fisk-Vittori. Image courtesy the artist.


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The Lorax Poems @ Good Work Gallery, Oct 3

1 October 2015

Zach Smith is curating a new group exhibition titled The Lorax Poems at Brooklyn’s Good Work Gallery, opening October 3.

The show negotiates the “space between science and poetry”, highlighting artists whose works are inspired by a steady diet of both populist and academic contemporary media to create what they hope is “a paean to the natural world”.

Taking its name from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, a forest entity known for saying what nobody much wants to hear and eventually banishing himself just as his pessimistic prophecies come to fruition, the group exhibition features the works of eight artists, including Ella GörnerMichael AssiffCarson Fisk-Vittori and Cecilia Salama.

See the gallery website for details. **

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