Off Life #2

19 December 2012

A few days ago the second number of the new UK mag and e-zine “Off Life” made its appearance on-line, again to fulfill our increasing Brit (and international) comic addiction…. and for the pleasure of Bristolians & Londonites.

Offline 2 (Sam Alden)
extract from Offline #2 (Sam Alden)

And because the street press comic mag has quickly become an instant hit for “bd” talent showcasing (from the well known Tom Gauld or Adrian Tomine to other less-established names like Emix Regulus or  Harvey Finch), it’s a great surprise that both bi-monthly numbers are available on-line for our pleasure and delight.

Offline 2 (Sam Alden bis)
extract from Offline #2 (Sam Alden bis)

Ok ok, they’re mostly pretty well-known names from the indie scene… for now. But hey, pretty much any artist can submit their work to be published in upcoming numbers (btw, the next issue will be out by mid-Feb 2013 and submissions are open until next month) and thousands of people will be taking notice of your artwork off & on-line.

The arrival of a new zine is always good news, especially if it’s made available for free on the Internet too.

Regurgitation (OffLife 1 - Murray Somerville)
extract from Regurgitation (OffLife #1 – Murray Somerville)
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Upfest 2012

2 June 2012

We sadly won’t have time to assist to this year’s Upfest edition but given that next Monday it’s bank holiday you have no excuse to grab a little train and go down to Bristol…

UPfest DDG 2011
UPfest DDG 2011

Europe’s largest urban art festival will invade Southville (and everything that surrounds North St) once again in its 5th edition covering 2 miles of the city with live paint and creating 20.000 square foot of artwork …

No need to mention the amazing list of international artists that will take all those white walls and murals and that this year brings artists like Ches (Russia), Deuz (France), Frode (Italy), Guy Denning (France) or Mr OneTeas (Monaco). No crisis for the festival as it gets bigger and bigger each year being 2012 the most ambitious of all in terms of programme, activities, workshops and artists concentratio.

UpFest11- Fábio Carneiro
UpFest11- Fábio Carneiro

Any better plans that some good cider near the Tobacco Factory? I didn’t think so neither, full programme and artists’ full-list this way.

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Upfest ’11

13 June 2011

Upfest 2011 has been a big bag of contradictory feelings for me. Taking more space than in previous years the 2011 edition occupied a good bunch of space surrounding Bristol’s Tobacco Factory & North Road. More space, more budget, with their shiny new shop opened last year… and room for many more artists, but…..

Nathan Bowen @ Upfest 2011

…maybe it’s a personal impression but it certainly looked like the quality and variety of previous years has slightly declined. Big names & loyal members of the scene were there (Stik, Dommunism, DM, Snub4…) and many others were missing, but we guess that the bigger & bolder it gets, the more sacrifices the festival has to make.


Constantly looking at the sky for those threatening clouds & despite the muggy weather this year’s edition was once again a nice free gift to our eyes… and everyone’s cameras (along with some great freestyle evening). Bristol is and will still be the Graff city for many years to come in the UK & Europe.

Portuguese Fábio Carneiro was a great surprise this year

More pics of the event on our flickr page. Enjoy!

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ApeScape @ Upfest Gallery – Bristol

9 January 2011

The Bristolian Graff scene is probably the most prolific in the world, and one of their experienced promises “Matti” is having his first solo exhibition at the Upfest Gallery for a couple of weeks from January 28th until February 13th.

Matti is a graphic designer by trade and has been working in Bristol and the South West for over 20 years. Working in the design, media and print industry he thrives on the passion and thrills of concepts and designs. He is influenced by the urban art and culture scene along with worldwide travel.


All these amalgams of emotions, colours, and rhythms are articulated through an impromptu process using his hands as his tools.Working with a variety of mediums and techniques Matti has an ever changing and developing personal style. This style drives his desire to photograph, paint, draw, spray, sketch, scratch and burn, presenting his unique images to the world.

He creates unique art in many shapes and forms from 60s burlesque mosaic prints, dessert landscapes, Las Vegas chic to oil painted abstracts and individual graffiti styled urban art.He uses unique depictions of contemporary culture in a distinctive and progressive style to create visually-stimulating art. A true renaissance man, who is capable of not only tackling new media but of making them his own.


So as we always say… nothing to do during those 2 weeks and you’re around Bristol? You may then want to pop by the Upfest Gallery in 198 North Street with an opening night on Friday 28th from 18:30 an on. Enjoy!

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