MiRA! Barcelona

6 November 2012

It is inevitably (read obligatory) for musicians to experiment nowadays with other artistic disciplines, and the proliferation of festivals that give the same importance to sounds, visuals and interactivity seems to grow exponentially each year. The latest date to add to your calendar is November 10th.

M!ra occupies the old Barcelonian thread and fabric factory Fabra i Coats for the second consecutive year in an attempt to compete (and complement the annual offer) with the other Spanish “advanced” festivals like L.E.V. or Mimaa (and no need to mention big Sonar right?).

MiRA-MAD Center © Ceci Fimia
MiRA-MAD Center © Ceci Fimia

With a more decadent and also innovative approach this year we’ll get mostly a good representation of the national panorama with artists like Alizzz&RazaRoja but also a few welcomed foreigners like Japanese Ametsub or London’s Darren Cunningham (see the full line-up here). 25€ to get all the fun… so if you’re in Barcelona this next Saturday… more info on the festival’s page.

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Offf Fest 2011 – Barcelona

9 July 2011

More details appearing for Offf 2011!

Offf? Yep, Just one week before Sonar (so get your money flowing and save your next summer holidays for Barcelona during those 10 days) this 10 y.o. “digital culture” festival will be hosted again in Barcelona (it will stay in the Ciutat Condal from now on) from June 9th – 11th.

As you probably know the festival has become one of the most renown summer dates for all things digital with an extense programme of conferences, workshops and performances by some fairly impressive artists. Basically, like most “digi” festivals nowadays Offf showcases top digital artists, web, print and interactive designers, motion graphics studios, and new music adventurous. It provides insight into all culture media platforms.

last year’s OFFF Paris Titles

Additionally, the OFFF network includes a teaching centre, OFFF Atelier, a continuous presence in the web 2.0 and a permanent group of artists, organizers and producers ready to host OFFF events wherever they are in demand (some of the featured artists having participated include The Mill, Digital Kitchen, Ben Fry & Casey Reas, Golan Levin, Chris Milk, Rob Chiu, Julien Vallée, Paula Scher, Rick Poynor, Erik Spiekermann, Dvein, Erik Natzke…among others).

The line-up of speakers for this year is slowly being unveiled (and negotiated at the same time) and we just got to know today that Jennifer Cirpici will be speaking about her own projects. Many more shall come of course.

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Oxcars 2011

27 October 2006

Barcelona much like Berlin has a personal & internal competition to become Europe’s sharealike cultural capital. The Freecultural movement is alive and year after year the Oxcars night reminds us of such need. Artists and performers from all areas of Spanish and international culture take part in a “Gala” with all kind of surprises, pooling their efforts to demand a stop to culture being treated as merchandise by royalty management organisations and cultural industry lobbies.

Internet criminalization, limiting access and sharing of digital media has certainly become a massive issue most governments don’t know how to deal with, and so it’s always good social movements like La Ex remind public institutions of their real responsibility with the final end user… protection not prosecution.

The Oxcars are defined as “The First Non-Competitive Awards in the History of Culture” drawing attention to the fact that applying competitive criteria to the cultural sphere distorts its very essence. By highlighting different aspects of artistic creation, the “Gala Ceremony” shows that culture exists thanks to all of these complementary approaches that exist side by side.

Presented by Agnés Mateus the 4th edition of the Oxcars will see an even richer program this year with some well known artists like Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia, Aleix Salo or some directors working at Al Jazeera (the BBC news competitor who much like their English counterpart release big part of their content under Creative Commons).

The List of participants is quite impressive (full details this way), and much like previous years the event is free and should be streamed live the night of October 27th. In case you happen to be around Barcelona drop by Sala Apolo, and make sure you’re punctual… and you don’t work on Friday as the event runs for many many hours.

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