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The White Pube are reprising Zayn Malik Zindabad at the ICA, Jan 7

4 January 2017

The White Pube is presenting Zayn Malik Zindabad at London’s ICA on January 7.

After the success of the first screening of the same name at London’s Lewisham Arthouse in August, the art criticism website and research project is back for round two, and comes with the following statement:

“The White Pube is tired of white ppl, white walls, and white wine. So for one night only, we are hosting brown ppl, white walls and chai. Come and view work by brown artists in a real vacuum, where brown-ness is banal, where you can O.O the art without the white-iarchy lookin over ur shoulder, askin if they can eat ur Other.”

Part of the ICA’s  Artists’ Film Club, London-based Zarina Muhammad and Gabrielle de la Puente of The White Pube will present a screening featuring a line-up of short films by artists from “South Asia and its diaspora,” including Somnath BhattSabella D’Souza, Raju Rage and Himali Singh Soin among others. 

The event also runs alongside the ICA’s Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016 exhibition, which features Muhammad’s video Digjihad (2015) until January 22.

Visit the ICA event page for more details.**

Zarina Muhammad, ‘Digjihad’ (2015). HD Video. Screenshot. Courtesy the artist + ICA, London.
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Dani Leventhal screening + Q&A @ ICA, Oct 27

26 October 2016

Dani Leventhal is presenting a screening of new work, followed by a Q&A at London’s ICA on October 27.

Showing as part of the ICA’s Artists’ Film Club programme, the Columbus-based artist works in video, installation and drawing to explore the relationship between the personal and the political. She will partake in a Q&A, led by writer Mason Leaver-Yap, following a screening of new works-in-progress, ’17 New Dam Rd.’ (2012) and ‘Hard As Opal’ (2015) will screen

Across media, Leventhal works with collage, collecting and accumulating images, materials and footage to then creating montages that are subject to a rigorous editing process. The incongruous images result in personal exploration of the lived experience, “unearthing a curious beauty in the minutiae of everyday life.”

See the ICA website for details.**

Dani Leventhal + Jared Buckhiester, 'Hard As Opal', (2015). HD video. Courtesy the artist + ICA, London
Dani Leventhal + Jared Buckhiester, ‘Hard As Opal’, (2015). HD video. Courtesy the artist + ICA, London
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K8 Hardy @ ICA, Sep 21

20 September 2016

K8 Hardy is presenting a screening of ‘Outfitumentary’ (2016), followed by a Q&A at the ICA on September 21.

The film, screening as part of the Artists’ Film Club programme, was produced by the New York-based artist over an eleven year period using a single low-quality mini-DV camera. Hardy documented her daily outfits, beginning in 2001, on video until the camera broke.  She filmed in ever-changing living spaces and art studios in New York. What emerges is “a record of the way a young, lesbian feminist dressed and styled in her ‘coming of age’ and an examination of coded fashion statements”.

The footage was recently edited down to 82-minutes of video. The artist considers the film to be a “document for posterity, an important record of the dress codes of a radical lesbian underground”.

Following the screening, there will be a Q&A via Skype.

See the ICA website for more details.**

K8 Hardy @ ICA, Sep 21

K8 Hardy, ‘Outfitumentary’ (2016), Film still. Courtesy the artist.

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Hannah Black + Bonaventure @ ICA, Jul 27

25 July 2016

Berlin-based artists Hannah Black and Bonaventure are performing at London’s ICA on July 27.

Presented as a part of their Artist’s Film Club series, the event is based upon the life of a character called Anxietina, by day, and ANXIETINA at night, who when darkness comes is transformed from a life of “anyone—working for money, caring for self and others, difficult circumstances, friends, social media, bank cards” into a “force for simultaneous good and evil, the vanishing-into-irrelevance and the emerging-into-history of human action and interaction.”

Black presents ‘Anxietina’, a new work, through text, textiles and music into a cumulative performance that echoes her past work which has employed latex, fabric, and processes or investigations of connective layering. Bonaventure, a sound project by Soraya Lutangu, uses music as “an identity research tool” to connect her African and European roots.

The set for the piece is designed by After The Eclipse organiser, Ebba Fransen Waldhor.

See the ICA website for details.**

Hannah Black, Intensive Care (2013). Detail. Courtesy the artist
Hannah Black, ‘Intensive Care’ (2013). Detail. Courtesy the artist.


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