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A world flowering into wounds for Tiril Hasselknippe’s Queens of the Tear Duct at DREI, Apr 26 – Jun 3

24 April 2017

Tiril Hasselknippe is presenting solo exhibition Queens of the Tear Duct at Cologne’s DREI, opening April 26 and running to June 3.

Leaving us with some anticipation, the press release does not provide any details about the show, a part from a piece of text that is described to be quoting and misquoting authors such as J.G. Ballard, Hans Blumenberg and the New-York-based artist herself among many others, with an excerpt such as:

„the world is beginning to flower into wounds. That road over there, it used to carry me to my lover, now it’s going nowhere. Sad“. “I remember driving so fast, I had the impression that all the cars on the highway were stationary, the spinning earth racing beneath them to create an illusion of movement”, one of them said. „There are no accidents, only nature throwing her weight around“

This is Hasselknippe’s second solo show with DREI and also takes place at the beginning of Art Cologne 2017, which runs April 26 to 29. There will be both a breakfast preview and an opening reception in the evening.

See the DREI website for details.**

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Inescapable internet + screen dependency in Daata Editions’ ‘A Goth Life’ looping screening at Art Cologne, Apr 26 – 29

24 April 2017

Film Cologne curated by Daata Editions presents ‘A Goth Life’ at Art Cologne, opening April 26 to the 29.

The film selection “narrates a composite tale of our joyously soulless, insular, tension and angst-ridden times” and includes work by Larry Achiampong, Keren Cytter, Casey Jane Ellison, Ed Fornieles, Yung Jake, Rachel Maclean, Jillian Mayer, Takeshi Murata, Hannah Perry, Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings, Jacolby Satterwhite and Zadie Xa.

Now in its 51st year, Art Cologne 2017 will mark a new collaboration with video, sound and web-based art platform Daata Editions. Played on a loop throughout the duration of the fair, the selected films all touch on the “inescapable internet and screen dependency” of our times.

Visit the Art Cologne webpage for more details.**

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Art Cologne 2016, Apr 13 – 17

13 April 2016

Art Cologne is on again, this year celebrating its 50th anniversary and running in the German city April 13 and 17.

Last year mid-April was extremely busy so we wrote this, and picked out a couple of names like Katja Novitskova, Daniel Keller and Slavs and Tatars who contributed to the overall line up of the oldest art fair in the world.

This year sees a number of gallerists pairing up to present artists, like DREI and Proyectos Monclova who are collaborating in their presentation of artists Hayley Aviva Silverman, Anna Virnich and collective, Tercerunquinto, and Natalia Hug Gallery with LA’s Mier space who are presenting Jana Schroeder.

Maximilian Arnold, Christopher Füllemann and Leonhard Hurzlmeier will present with Berlin’s DUVE while Georgia-based Andro Wekua‘s show Anruf, opens at Kölnischen Kunstverein during the weekend of Art Cologne and continues until June 19.

See the Art Cologne website for the extensive list of around 200 international galleries.**

Andro Wekua. Get out of my room, (2006). Courtesy the artist and Gladstone Gallery
Andro Wekua. ‘Get out of my room’ (2006). Courtesy the artist and Gladstone Gallery.


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