Andrea Williamson

Wandering through the ‘path of progress’ in group show Our House of Common Weeds at RES, Oct 27 – Nov 24

26 October 2017

The Our House of Common Weeds group exhibition is on at London’s Res, opening October 27 and running to November 24.

Curated by Nathalie Boobis, the show includes work by Verity BirtFourthlandCarl GentAnna FC Smith and Andrea Williamson. The opening night will feature a performance by Alys North and a DJ set by Bizarro World. The closing night will feature a performance by Carl Gent.

The exhibition is the culmination of a collaborative research project that has taken place over the last 18 months exploring “knowledge and ideas ravaged in the path of progress but still latent within stories, rituals, our bodies and the landscape.”

Visit the FB event page for details.**


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Five artists in five weeks for Cacotopia at Annka Kultys starting Jan 10

9 January 2017
The Cacotopia group exhibition at London’s Annka Kultys Gallery is opening January 10 and running until February 11.
The multi-media exhibition will unfold over a five-week period, exploring “contemporary perspectives on feminism, ecology, celebrity culture, politics and professionalism.”The title brings together Greek originating words Caco (bad) and Topia (space). Each artist, a recent MFA graduate, will be given a week in the gallery to respond to current anxieties and coping mechanisms. 
The event will begin with work Cornu copia copia topia of your broken lusty (2016) by Olivia Strange opening January 10 and running to January 14,  taking us into a day-dream fantasy of ‘paradise.’
Andrea Williamson will take over January 18 to 21, giving her own version of a beautifully crafted butterfly chair, inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s dystopian Cat’s Cradle (1963). 
Soo Choi will present video Snow Romance (2016) from January 25 to 28, exploring personal desire through cinematic romance symbols.
February will kick off with work by Olivia Hernaiz from the first to the fourth, who will install an Airbnb in the gallery.
The event ends with Generalized Anxiety Relaxation (2016), a bookable relaxation studio by Ruth Waters running from February 8 to 11.
Visit the Annka Kultys webpage for more details.**


Soo Choi, ‘Snow Romance’ (2016). Video still. Courtesy the artist.

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We’re Having a Great Time :) @ ROCKELMANN &, Jul 29 – Sep 3

26 July 2016

The We’re having a great time 🙂 group exhibition is on at Berlin’s ROCKELMANN &, opening July 29 running through September 3.

The exhibition kicks off the start of the gallery’s new Summer CAMP Project, a month-long curatorial program that offers emerging artists the opportunity to develop and produce their own show. Its inauguration is with London- and Berlin-based collective ::MK-DOS::, comprised of Mattia Giussani and Kat Rickard, and features work from six London-based artists.

Five new media works will be presented by Eva Papamargariti, Andrea Williamson, along with performances by Marija Bozinovska-Jones and duo Lea Collet and Marios Stamatis.

The works conceptually express the translation of life from “URL to IRL” by producing a collection of soft sculptures, performances, video and laser projections, and mixed media installations. The artists have “sought to re-appropriate and expose just how all of the time spent URL is affecting us IRL”.

See the ROCKELMANN & website for details.**

We’re Having a Great Time :) @ ROCKELMANN &, Jul 29 - Sep 3

Image courtesy of Andrea Williamson.

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