aircode’s ‘Dry my Face’ mediates on sleeplessness through the surreal in a granular electroacoustic exercise that tests the boundaries of isolation

9 October 2020

aircode released EP Effortless via Alien Jams on September 25, with video for track ‘Dry my Face’ premiering on AQNB today. The record follows her tunnel vision mixtape on Cafe OTO and contribution to AQNB’s compendium even my dreams don’t go outside, leveraging the artist’s granular electroacoustic style to characterize anxieties of sleep-deprived isolation.

‘Dry my Face’ mediates on sleeplessness through the surreal. A clattering score of found audio samples grounds video recordings of the artist stirring restlessly in bed within a liminal state between reality and dreams. The video slowly departs from the familiar. Figures of tangible surroundings abstract into a green ether before darting into scenic montages of the serene. Darkness consumes the artist still awake, before revealing a fox in the shadows obscuring whether or not it’s been a dream all long.**

aircode’s Effortless was released via London’s Alien Jams on September 25, 2020.

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