Unthinkable w J.G. Biberkopf September 4 mix

9 September 2015

Lithuanian producer J.G. Biberkopf’s Unthinkable segment, which airs at midnight on a Friday of every month on London’s NTS Radio, represents the work of both sound and visual art with pure sonics. It’s an approach to public broadcast that goes beyond just an hour of listening to deeper contemplation of ideas and theories that merit closer examination across platforms.

For that reason, aqnb has partnered with Biberkopf to accompany each show with a short text. This month’s mix features contributions from T⚾LE and Malibu, alongside additions from Biberkopf himself. T⚾LE is the aural fruition of Berlin-based artist Martin Kohout’s work, concerned with a move away from a “symbolic” idea of artefacts. At the same time, London-based Malibu reconstructs elements of dancehall, breaking down familiarity with a blissful representation of her own understanding.

On the whole, the show resonates with interrelated concern for perspective (T⚾LE’s ‘Thirst’ is informed by the sounds captured by action cameras and, in particular, how such soundscapes differ from typical field recordings in as much as they’re contained in action) and intimacy (not only as an affectionate personal relationship with another, but as a detailed understanding of place, subject, etcetera) and also includes tracks from Colin Stetson, EVOL, and Why Be.

Listen to the mix and read the text below:

Unthinkable – 4th September 2015 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud


Beyond the intuitive recognition of its properties, supplying an object’s psychological or aesthetic attributes with power or energy initiates greater areas of the brain than those required for recognition. Without thinking, the “first person perspective” on our imaged environment is held up by the human anatomy, enabling us to frame the flow of stimuli while isolating and making sense of events. This capacity is a property of the subject — as opposed to the object — of the encounter and, as people, we possess an awareness of this capacity and are able to access and utilise it.

Objective characteristics are recognised by the brain, where impressionable areas acknowledge encounters with light, movement, and so on. Still, to afford a personal understanding, to react to stimuli deeply — as affected by emotion — involves other systems, bodies, and processes. In such a way, lights and cameras are arbitrary, while action is essential. To step on stable land, for example, in place of an escalator or a ship tossed by waves, disturbs the perspective with a trembling agitation. At this moment, without cognition, indicators from within the ear form cognisant senses.

In the cinema of the mind, actors reveal themselves to those in attendance. Particular audience members perceive the piece in a particular manner. All the while, behind the camera, a hidden, unconscious dramatist exerts command over the actors and the public eye. While contextualising the setting of the performance or event, they put into context more abstruse features, such as the social and emotional. The dramatist can be thought of in an interactive sense, represented by the extensive parts played in daily life by the inner voice and outward speech. **


T⚾LE – ‘Thirst’ mix
(0:00 – 9:59)

Colin Stetson – From No Part Of Me Could I Summon A Voice
Robert Ashley – The Jaguar
Nils Frahm – Says
EVOL – Hyperobject 1
Quinton Tarver – Everybody’s Free
Belbury Poly – The Willows
Blanck Mass – Sifted Gold
Why Be – Blasting Voice Thing (Han River Special)

Malibu – ‘Te Deseo’ mix
(30:22 – 59:44)

Malibu – Malaconducta
Malibu – Keep On (Organ Tapes)
Malibu – 2Late (Ana Caprix X Jojo) X Heaven
Ssaliva – Oxy
Malibu – Te Deseo
Malibu – Slow Drift (X Organ Tapes)
Malibu – Quiero Ayudarte
Vybz Kartel World Boss – Ignite The World
Malibu – Sudor
Malibu – Ck1
Sky H1 X Uli-K – Itami
Yayoyanoh For Malibu – Bdd (Blu Dmt Dreams)
Malibu – Wining (X Organ Tapes)
Alkaline – Ride On Me

J.G. Biberkopf’s Unthinkable radio show airs at midnight on a Friday each month at London’s NTS Radio. This latest one aired September 4, and featured London-based producer Malibu and Berlin-based producer T⚾LE.

See here for more ‘Unthinkable’ mixes.

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