Kim Asendorf

DRKRM @ DAM Gallery, Oct 30 – Jan 16

30 October 2015

DAM gallery opens DRKRM, a new group show exploring GIFs as artworks, running at their Berlin space from October 30 to January 16, 2016.

DRKRM focuses in on the different aspects of GIF animation as art forms and their widespread distribution in the last few decades, becoming a kind of coded and somewhat sophisticated new language. “GIF animations”, the press release states, “are subject to specific principles”. The gallery in turn decided to use these principles to create a “Darkroom” of animations projected onto multiple screens.

Participating artists include Emma Talbot, Manfred Mohr, Faith Holland, Lorna MillsOlia LialinaDriessens & Verstappen, Kim Asendorf, and Anthony Antonellis.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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S.W.I.M. @ In De Ruimte, Oct 2 – 4

2 October 2015

Online once again bleeds into IRL with S.W.I.M., a three-day event at In De Ruimte in Gent, Belgium that will run from October 2 to October 4.

With no theme or subject in mind, S.W.I.M. sets itself up as a dedication to the internet as a “collective mind”, creating artistic synthesis.

Participating are both national and international artists and musicians that each address the notion of transgression as inspired by the internet, including Andrew BirkDebora Delmar Corp, Pierre Clement, Systaime, Kim Asendorf and Joachim Coucke, as well as live acts from Coco Haram and Ssaliva, among many others. 

See the Facebook event page for details. **

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Pizza Pavilion (2015) documentation

19 August 2015

Pizza is the new religion. It holds the same cultural capital and promises the same healing powers for millennials that organized religion once did for their ancestors. The holy trinity is now divined in the three edges of a single slice, and its iconography is everywhere. It is the “universal, omnipresent, truly globalized concept”, the “symbolic hub and social equalizer”, “the super meme of our times”, “the Internet of foods”. It should come as a little surprise then that the 56th Venice Biennale has hosted the first international pavilion dedicated to pizza “as a cultural canvas”, curated by Paul Barsch and Konstanze Schütze and inevitably called the Pizza Pavilion, running May 8 to November 22.

In a artistic reversal of sorts, the Pavilion applies artistic strategies to an everyday phenomenon, creating a site-specific situation piece that reflects contemporary paradigms and their various manifestations. “It is,” as the press release states, “a practical philosophical endeavour that turns the working local pizzeria, Pizza Al Volo, into an international Pavilion”.

Anthony Antonellis, ‘Bauhaus Pizza’ (2015). Install view. Photo by Paul Barsch & Simona Lamparelli. Pizza Al Volo, Venice.

Participating in the piece are 19 different artists of the “post-digital” generation, invited to compose and title their own personal pizzas for a ‘Pizza Pavilion’ menu to be made available alongside the pizzeria’s regular one, including Santiago TaccettiLorna Mills, Alma Alloro and Tilman Hornig. The presence of the artist-produced pizzas, available for order, thereby turn the Italian pizzeria into an “art production studio and gallery, where one can witness the creation of an contemporary “artwork” and can buy and consume it directly”.

Exhibition photos, top right.

PIZZA PAVILION was on at Venice Biennale from May 8 to November 22, 2015.

Header image: Santiago Taccetti, ‘Share The Venetian Love’ (2015). Install view. Photo by Paul Barsch and Simona Lamparelli. Pizza Al Volo, Venice.

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International Teletext Art Festival, Aug 14 – Sep 14

11 August 2014

The 2014 International Teletext Art Festival (ITAF2014) will be taking place across various physical and virtual locations from August 14 to September 14. 

Once again, the FixC cooperative organises in conjunction with ARD TextORF TELETEXT, Swiss Text and ARTE Teletext, to create a festival of teletext-art. Participating in the festival are close to 20 artists, including Michaël Borras aka SystaimeNadine Arbeiter, Raquel Meyers and Kim Asendorf

The opening of ITAF2014 also marks the broadcasting of Dragan Espenschied‘s ‘Lucky Cat’, which will be the first artwork presented in the Museum of Teletext Art MUTA

See the ITAF2014 website for details. **

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Out of Office @ Arcadecardiff, Apr 22 – 30

23 April 2014

The Out of Office is on at Cardiff’s Arcadecardiff, running April 22 to 30.

Led by Matthew Britton and featuring Emilie Gervais, Constant Dullaart, Kim Asendorf, Jonas Lund, Shia LaBeouf and more the exhibition is a “micro curatorial platform” using an email auto-reply to  distribute art.

Aiming to “suggest an even more intimate way of distributing and viewing online works”, the focus is on engaging “primarily in the comfort of your own mailbox”, so no need to be on location because the work can also be viewed via rollover links and the mailto: function online at the Out of Office website.

Here your inbox will be greeted by a ‘readme Spam Poem’ or Shia Labeouf’s glitched-out portrait of his back above muscle-bound Google advertising.

See the Arcadecardiff website for details. **

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