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By using aqnb you are legally bound by these terms which take effect from your first use. If you do not agree to these terms then please do not use atractivoquenobello.

These terms apply to any use of aqnb, however we give and provide access through aqnb to third party services: we enable you to post messages and comments, submit information, material and content, and interact with what we publish. These 3rd party services may have additional terms & conditions attached. If you were to use them, then you should read and agree to be legally bound by these before you post, contribute or interact with any. If not, then you shouldn’t use these services.

changes to terms

We are continually seeking to update and improve atractivoquenobello. We may make changes to aqnb at any time, including these terms, so we ask you to review these terms on a regular basis so that you are aware of any changes we make. Once again, you will be legally bound by the updates we make on our terms when using aqnb and once they have been published here.

aqnb’s content and distribution

aqnb is published under a 3.0 Creative Commons licence… what’s that?!?:

The “Attribution-ShareAlike” licence lets you remix, tweak, and build upon our work even for commercial purposes, as long as you credit us and license your new creations under identical terms. For further details on this license please visit the following page: “by-sa

All those images, information, data, materials, trade marks, trade names and logos that do not come from any of aqnb’s original sources (our flickr, vimeo, soundcloud… or any other of our pages/accounts with a similar CC 3.0 licensed content) belong to the respective third party content owners.

This means that they may have published their content under a different type of license and you should consume, use and share this content at the premises specified on such licence (probably copyright).

aqnb is committed to publish all its content under a creative commons licence showing its clearly-defined commitment to the principles of Free Culture. We defend the right of ordinary people to produce, consume, share and modify digital and other cultural artifacts freely.


We aren’t Larousse Encyclopedia so you should not rely on the information published on our website for your thesis; we try however to be as accurate and trustworthy as possible. At the same time we constantly provide links to third party services and websites which are meant for your convenience. We can’t accept nonetheless any responsibility for these, you are responsible for verifying and complying with the terms & conditions of each of these services and websites.

The views expressed by our contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the position of aqnb.

Our writers have sufficient freedom and latitude to express themselves and we prefer to place the responsibility for the views of our writers upon themselves. That’s the only reasonable — and realistic — way to foster genuine diversity of opinion, as well as to inform our readers of a multiplicity of viewpoints.


atractivoquenobello accepts responsibility for all the published content and is committed to remove any third party stuff at the request of the owner.

Our responsibility with the visitor and user of aqnb is consistent with the following:

– access to aqnb is and shall remain free of charge

– aqnb is not responsible for the user’s particular purposes with our website, we only suggest but never give instructions to our readership to take any actions outside our website and only you are responsible for your own choices taken as a result of visiting atractivoquenobello

– unfortunately we cannot guarantee that aqnb will be available 24/7 or error free but we will try our best for solving any defects, bugs or failures that may arise within our website. We can’t commit however for the correct functioning of third party services or other users’ content.

Please enjoy atractivoquenobello as much as we enjoy curating it everyday and for any queries please contact us via e-mail: hello@aqnb.com

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