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Ill Seen Ill Said @ White Flag Projects, Sep 17 – Oct 29

16 September 2016

The Ill Seen Ill Said group exhibition is on at St. Louis’ White Flag Projects, opening September 17 and running to October 29.

There is little information on the nature of the show, aside from the artists taking part and the title taken from Irish avant-garde writer and director Samuel Beckett‘s short novel of the same name; an enigmatic text where an old woman waits to die in obscurity.

Artists taking part in the show include Lutz Bacher, Yngve Holen, Jo Spence, Banks Violette and John Waters among others, in an exhibition that surely draws on Beckett’s favourite themes of isolation, absence of hope, and approach of death.

Others artists taking part include John Giorno, Tony Morgan (in collaboration Daniel Spoerri), Robert Morris, Jean-Luc Moulène and Carlo Scarpa.

See the White Flag Projects website for details.**

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Jake Cruzen + Jared Madere @ White Flag Projects, May 21 – Jun 25

20 May 2016

Jake Cruzen and Jared Madere are presenting joint exhibition Prince Cherrie at Saint Louis’ White Flag Projects, opening May 21 and running to June 25.

There is little information available on the show itself except that the two person exhibition will feature sculpture and painting by the artists in the main exhibition space, while New York-based artist Darja Bajagić will have a separate presentation of her painting in the White Projects library.

Madere has been known to produce installation-based works with disparate materials, while Cruzen works primarily with oil paint, often giving an effect of watercolour. Bajagić, on the other hand, has been developing her practice since aqnb interviewed her in 2014 about her provocative Agamben-inspired appropriations of Eastern European porn imagery, neutralised and desexualised.

See the White Projects website for details.**

Darja Bajagić, 'Irena' (2014). Screenshot. Image courtesy the artist.
Darja Bajagić, ‘Irena’ (2014). Screenshot. Image courtesy the artist.


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Earth Jerks @ White Flag Projects, Jun 13 – Aug 15

12 June 2015

White Flag Projects‘ latest exhibition, a group show called Earth Jerks, opens at their St. Louis location June 13 and runs until August 15.

The new group show invites three NYC-based artists to exhibition their paintings and sculptures: Brooklyn-based sculptural artist Charles Harlan, and NYC-based G. William Web and Maximilian Schubert.

In a refreshing move, the exhibition is not accompanied by a page-long poetic reference or a theoretical essay expounding the show’s conceptual basis. Instead, the images circulating in their press release speak for themselves.

See the exhibition page for (minimal) details. **

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