Vincent Moon

CTM 2016 – New Geographies, Jan 29 – Feb 7

28 January 2016

CTM electronic music and art festival returns this year across multiple spaces in Berlin, opening January 29 and running February 6.

CTM 2016 is titled New Geographies, and in direct response to rapidly collapsing borders and hybridising topographies, as well as the backlash of tense essentialist reaction to these changes, invites more artists, contributors and voices operating in less familiar localities than ever before.

Guest curators are Rabih Beaini, for the music programme and Norient who have organised a “multi-authored” exhibition with over 250 artists working in 50 different countries with video, sound and music. Cult independent film maker Vincent Moon is opening his ‘Rituals’ installation at HAU2 on January 30 and talks led by the links of The Wire editor Emily Bick and journalist Adam Harper.

Included in the amazing line up are Hatsune Miku, and MBJ Wetware who will collaborate with JG Biberkopf, for whom aqnb has recently written a series of short texts to be read alongside his unthinkable show on NTS radio.

Here are some of our recommendations:

Zones 1 with Visionist, Thug Entrancer, J.G. Biberkopf and MBJ Wetware on February 2.

Zones III with Le1f, Aïsha Devi and Tianzhuo Chen on February 4.

Flow II with Jlin, Nkisi, Nidia Minaj and Kablam on February 4.

Steven Warwick and Anna Homler’s ‘Breadwoman‘ performance on February 5.

Zones IV with Kassem Mosse and others on February 5.

Still Be Here with Hatsune Miku, featuring Laurel Halo, LaTurbo Avedon and others on February 5.

Grid Line with Why Be, Mum Dance and Rabit on February 6.

Fis at Coordinates VI on February 6.

New Geographic with OG Maco and Easter on February 6.

See the CTM website for details.**

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Willis Earl Beal for La Blogotheque

20 October 2012

Vincent Moon stopped filming takeaway shows a while ago, he’s now off to film something else than famous bands  improvising in the Parisian streets, but we keep visiting them from time to time as little jewels keep appearing from the French structure. The latest clip from the hands of Arturo Perez takes one of this year’s surprises, Willis Earl Beal, and his broken songs for a little improv up in little but always charming salted-butter-fudge-land St Malo.

 A mini-mini film that the Blogotheque team stole away from Willis last August when he came to Brittany for the Route du Rock festival and we get to see now just when Willis Earl & Co are preparing the release of his new music & animated project “Principles of a Protagonist”… Great clips fro when “Intimate” is never close enough.

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BccN 2012

7 May 2012

From BccN to ccMAD to BccN again. The original and only Creative Commons Film Festival (now copied and reproduced all over the planet) is back for a new edition in the Catalonian capital this weekend.

The third edition of the Barcelonian festival (this year exported to quite a large number of cities including Buenos Aires, Rome, Helsinki or Santiago de Chile) takes the same principles & manifesto that made it famous back in 2010 and brings them to a new location: the well-known contemporary arts MACBA museum.

Vincent Moon is also back to the festival presenting his new musical documentary “Esperando el Tsunami” (waiting for the….) – a roadmovie starring the Colombian duet “Lulacruza” and visiting the Andean country musical heritage – which he believes to be his best work up to date and that will open the festival this Thursday.

But there will be more!  24 more movies, shorts and documentaries from all around the world showed at the MACBA Auditorium until Sunday evening, so… if around Barna, and nothing else to do… you better not miss it. The full program is this way, and more info on the BccN webpage.

And one more teaser for your pleasure…

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