Hatsune Miku

The Way of the Novel @ Oracle Berlin, May 27 – Jun 20

27 May 2015

Oracle brings a new group exhibition to its Berlin space, titled The Way of the Novel and opening tonight, May 27.

The premise of the show takes root in the changes brought into being by the invention of Romanticism at the end of the 18th century, and the idealized notion of the impoverished, misunderstood genius working in solitary and eternal glory.

“Today,” The Way of the Novel writes, “this trick doesn’t work anymore, now the carrot goes by the name of artistic entrepreneurship.” In other words, whereas to be unappreciated was once a sign of authenticity and a kind of moral artistic success, nowadays only success is a sign of success. Inviting a handful of artists—including Thomas Jeppe, Flora Klein, vocaloid avatar Hatsune Miku, and Agatha Valkyrie IceThe Way of the Novel comprises various perspectives on the possibilities of this evolution.

 See the exhibition page for details. **
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