The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale 2013 submissions open.

The Wrong.
15 April 2013

It’s a month of first editions in new media art with São Paulo’s The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale weighing in on the great land grab for what’s to be a significant movement toward transdisciplinarity in contemporary art. The festival itself runs from November 1 to December 31 and they’ve opened submissions to the public for ‘Homeostasis Lab’.

Emilio Gomariz, 'Fluids'. New work exhibited as screensaver at
Emilio Gomariz, ‘Fluids’. New work exhibited as screensaver at

Anyone who isn’t already involved in any other pavilion can apply and submissions, in a long list of “internet friendly” digital art, will be selected and curated up to and throughout the festival. See the The Wrong Biennale Facebook page for more information.**

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Rhizome partners with Tumblr for commissions cycle, now open.

Rhizome partners with tumblr
9 April 2013

There’s no denying that New York City has been a centre of some of the most interesting new media work over the past few years. If it isn’t DJ, artist and programmer Slava incorporating his preoccupations with graphic design into his visual aesthetic as a musician, then it’s Fatima Al Qadiri‘s Gulf Futurism and the entire visual aesthetic of Fade to Mind, UNO, DIS Magazine… the list goes on. Those are just a handful of reasons why we’re totally behind Rhizome’s focus on, with out being limited to, artists from the US centre for their 2013-2014 commissions cycle.

Tumblr also shouldn’t be forgotten as a rich source of creative inspiration and interaction among net artists, so an alliance between the two organisations is only natural. They will be awarding up to six grants for the creation of new works of digital and new media art, ranging between $1,000 to $5,000.**

Image Header: Screenshot of, 2011-2012 Rhizome Commission

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24 January 2012

Philipp Artus hasn’t stopped studying for the past decade, first fine arts @ Nantes, then Portugal, now back to his homeland Germany (Media Art in Cologne)… will he ever stop?

Maybe French arts weren’t satisfying enough… but we’re glad he’s taken the new arts & media path over the last couple of years. Philipp’s installations haven’t stopped doing the world tour recently (especially last year) and if you’re around Frankfurt next April and happen to be a big light lover (in all its forms) he’ll be exhibiting part of his works @ Luminale 2012.

Break|through is one of his latest works presented as a projection sculpture last year where a capricious spider (that’s why they’re scary!) creates an audiovisual choreography by destroying a wall. Two complementary animations are projected on both sides of a revolving wall, so that the audience can see only one side – but simultaneously hear both (you can get the idea visiting his website of what the installation looks like in real-life, make sure you also watch the intro video).

Maybe his best-known piece was the Notebook Phase, a minimalistic piece of animation that explodes in what seems a never-ending loop of acrobat automatons which are being reflected simultaneously on a water surface moved by sound (up, full version documented by ARTE Germany).

And my personal favorite… his “Snail Trail” laser sculpture  projected on a phosphorescent material (allowing that after-glowing effect) at an angle of 360° onto a column, and forcing the audience has to walk around to follow the course of the snail….

He’s now finishing his next project “Ensō“, on which he’s been working for the past 5 years, and hopefully we’ll get to see in a less luminous environment. Amazing installations Mr Artus.

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P is for Progress

3 January 2012

With a new year comes new possibilities and it’s in the impenetrable world of US art collective Paper Rad that they can be fully explored. At the vanguard of the ‘New Media’ wave of young artists delving into the black hole of the all things 8-bit and html5, the three core members Jacob Ciocci, Jessica Ciocci and Ben Jones are messiahs of modern media, and part of the exciting crop of cross-platform practitioners that include James Ferraro, and Ryan Trecartin.

D.i.Why? by Ben Jones, March 2005
D.i.Why? by Ben Jones, March 2005

They’ve collaborated with artist Cory Arcangel and Paul B Davis, who pioneered the field in the mid-90s, culminating in his vinyl release of songs composed by hacked video game consoles 8-Bit Construction Set in 2000. Not ones to leave one of the most essential areas of creative life out, Paper Rad are also associated with several musical offshoots including Extreme Animals and ROTFLOL, while commercial venture Wyld File is credited with producing music videos for the Gossip and Beck. Meanwhile, Jones has a series called Problem Solverz on Adult Swim channel -the same one responsible for launching the careers of Tim & Eric. The comedians have a similar aesthetic to Paper Rad -although theirs is a satire of free-to-air television programming, rather than ‘omnimedia’ art and music based in the digital world. Continue reading P is for Progress

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