Tintype Gallery

“Strange snapshots of fleeting moments at night.” The ESSEX ROAD IV video window display at Tintype Gallery, Dec 8 – Jan 13

4 December 2017

The ESSEX ROAD IV exhibition at London’s Tintype Gallery opens December 8 and is running to January 13. 

Now in its fourth year, the moving image installation will feature work by Edwina Ashton, Chloe Dewe Matthews, Benedict Drew, Judith Goddard, Matthew Noel-Tod, Paul Tarragó, Richard Wentworth and Xiaowen Zhu.

The videos will be back-projected onto the window of the gallery to be viewed also from outdoors and will run through the holidays and New Year.  Shown on a loop from morning to night, passerby’s will be able to view the works from the street.

Visit the Tintype Gallery website for details.**

Richard Wentworth, ‘But there again…’ (2017) Video still. Courtesy the artist + Tintype Gallery, London.
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Shadow Side

'Swell and Subside' detail #4. Image courtesy of the artist.
6 June 2012

Some things words don’t do justice and Flora Parrott‘s artistic practice embodies those things. A deft of touch enables her to set about sourcing objects and making prints, which then come together like poetry in describing these elliptical occurrences.

An artist run space above a pub in Peckham, the appropriately named Public House Projects recently hosted Flora’s collaborative exhibition, along with sculptor and performance artist Alan McQuillan. A break from her commissioned work, this was an opportunity for Flora to loosen up and explore new ideas, through a shared interest with Alan in phenomenological experience.  The experiment fed a potent verbal and visual conversation between the two, whereby they drew inspiration from lunar cycles and British romanticist William Blake.

'Swell and Subside', detail #2. Courtesy of the artist.
'Swell and Subside', detail #2. Courtesy of the artist.

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