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Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!

15 September 2012

That ideas factory called HBO released last month a websodic documentary (part standup, part reality show, part sketch..), about that somehow peculiar, somehow repellent but always funny comedian Brody Stevens. The 6 episodes, each 15 to 25min long, are unfortunately only available to to HBO subscribers via HBO Go or On Demand until September 23rd.

But the good Steven uploaded the first episode on his youtube channel a couple of weeks ago, and we thought, ok, nice & elegant gesture to tease about the rest of the series… and also share the joy. What we weren’t expecting is that he would be uploading the rest of the series to his youtube channel

Co-Produced by his friend Zach Galifianakis (who also appears in the six-episode series) you’ll find a half-fiction half-reality world introducing the comedian and providing insights on him from Sarah Silverman, Tim & Eric, Steve Agee, Jen Kirkman…. and with some great animations by Chris McDonnell. All we need to say is… Enjoy it!

(Rest of the series this way) 

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Great Job!

4 August 2011

For someone born and raised on American television programming, California’s alternative comic duo, Tim & Eric are the True Prophets. It’s terrifying how accurately they portray their ugly and sad television personalities. It’s like Sarah Silverman and her straight-faced racism that walks that very thin line between satire and downright bigotry; those Libertarian Americanisms that seem to announce –‘it’s all right, because I said it’. Australia’s Chris Lilley (Summer Heights High, Angry Boys) is similar but the boundary-pushing mirror of cultural intolerance in his extreme parodies, like ‘Squashed Nigga’ performed by his blackface alter ego Smouse!, might have just gone too far.

One is confronted by a similar dilemma when watching Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim live at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. Their outrageous humour could either have you crying with laughter or livid with contempt for their absurd nonsense. There’s the grotesque caricature of Heidecker’s greasy-haired ‘Casey Tatum’ singing out of tune hits, while Wareheim prances around behind, dressed in a hamburger suit that sometimes slides up to reveal a padded jock strap. Continue reading Great Job!

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