Native Instruments: Komplete Sketches

28 November 2016
Native Instruments presents new project Komplete Sketches available now on the NI webpage.
The music production manufacturer has brought together 24 artists for a new project to create sonic sketches using their latest studio package: Komplete 11. Working within the frame of electronica, the project features work by Jlin, Throwing ShadeChino Amobi, Nkisi, M.E.S.H. , Mumdance and Aïsha Devi among others. 

Berlin-based artist Rainer Kohlberger, who works with “algorithmically generated graphics” in film and live performances has produced animated visuals to accompany the sound.

See the Komplete Sketches website on Native Instruments for details.**

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Throwing Shade ‘Sweet Tooth’ video

22 May 2014

London producer Throwing Shade (aka Nabihah Iqbal) released her 19 Jewels EP through No Pain in Pop on May 19, along with artwork by artist Rachel Noble.

In counting the likes of SOPHIE, A. G. Cook and Felicita as her peers, there’s the recognisably thematic fixation on sweetness and stimulation Sweet Tooth featuring Emily Bee, while the rest of the record is more muffled by the  cloak of bass and RnB that Iqbal already established with Kassem Mosse’s Ominira label-released Mystic Places/Lights 12-inch and her recent TRANSCEND FUTURE mix for aqnb.

Read an interview with Rachel Noble and see the No Pain in Pop website for details. **

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Palmistry, Why Be et al @ JACK댄스, Mar 7

7 March 2014

Simon Whybray’s ongoing night ‘JACK댄스‘ is happening at London’s Hysteria on March 7.

Featuring an incredible line-up including SHEIKHA night affiliates Palmistry (who also released a brilliant mix on DIS not long ago) and Throwing Shade, plus Heartbreak High-referencing Yola Fatoush, Why Be from Copenhagen, Brassica, Megatech and others.

See playing times here.

You can also read a recent review of ‘JACK댄스’ and check the Facebook event page for details. **

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Throwing Shade, TRANSCEND FUTURE mix

20 November 2013

“Music definitely does things to people”, writes “born and bred” Londoner, Throwing Shade, (aka Nabihah Iqbal) as she sidesteps, via email, any spiritual or ideological reasoning behind this TRANSCEND FUTURE mix she’s kindly given aqnb. Putting it down to the ‘COSMIC R’N’B’ of her press releases it’s more likely the diffuse blend of crystal clear synth melodies and agitated drum machines, impossibly welded to formless ambience and warped pop and RnB acapellas, is a composite of Iqbal’s own personal perspectival miscellany.

Launching her debut split 12-inch on Berlin producer Kassem Mosse’s Ominira label, in a Westminster reference library, on October 4, Iqbal draws from a world of influences and experience -across the sitar, guitar, flute and piano, as well as Turkish, Thai, Balinese and Javanese ensembles -and gives it to the universe. As an NTS Radio presenter, a graduate in ethnomusicology and running a club night called SHEIKHA, with other exciting London producers like SOPHIEFelicita and Palmistry, all roads point to free exploration, while staying shrouded in mystery. Because, as Iqbal says about the the event named after the Arabic word for ‘Queen’, “It’s open to interpretation”.

** As a reference to house ballroom scene, your sound comes across more downbeat than the NYC underground disco of that 70s and 80s era. Is there a sonic influence within that?

Nabihah Iqbal: I don’t usually have a specific sound or influence in mind. I just see what happens, and what comes out and if I like the sound of it, I’ll stick with it. It’s only afterwards when other people listen to it and then tell me they can hear certain references within my music, that makes me think, ‘oh yeah, maybe that’s true, I never thought of it that way’. I listen to so many different types of music, and I’ve played all sorts of instruments too. I’m sure all of those experiences and references get mixed up inside my head to create some pretty crazy hybrids.

** How do your studies in musicology figure in your music?

NI: Well, I studied Ethnomusicology at University, which really opened my eyes up to the breadth of music and musical cultures contained in this world. There’s so much out there, and lots of sounds which probably wouldn’t even be considered as ‘music’ by people with a veritably ‘Western’ palette.

I play the sitar, guitar, flute and piano, and I’ve also played in classical Turkish and Thai ensembles, as well as Balinese and Javanese gamelan groups. All of this has obviously coloured my musical experiences and musical output in quite a profound way, I’d say.

** What’s your involvement with the SHEIKHA club night? 

NI: SHEIKHA is a club night that I put on together with a good friend and fellow music-maker, Felicita. Between us and our friends, there are so many people that we know who are making fresh, new music and so the idea was to put on a party to showcase these underground electronic sounds emerging on the London scene, in an organic setting. We’ve had people like Ana Caprix, Palmistry, SOPHIE and Endgame play, and it’s always been a lot of fun.

** Why a launch in a reference library?

NI: I wanted to have the record launch party in a venue that was memorable, and away from the usual East London clubs that everyone goes to. It was a real novelty – it’s not everyday you get to party in a library. I actually think the librarians enjoyed it the most. They were really going for it. It’s a really old building with big windows and high ceilings, and the walls are lined with books, which made it a very beautiful setting for my live performance. Plus, it’s right in the middle of town, behind Leicester Square, where it’s quite trashy, not really ‘cool’ to go out and party, but obviously I tried to change that for one night! I think it worked. **

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Throwing Shade – ‘Mystic Places’

19 September 2013

Performing at the Nina Christante’s Eva By Heart launch last week, London-based producer and NTS Radio host Nabihah Iqbal, aka Throwing Shade, will be releasing a debut 12-inch, Mystic Places/Lights, on Ominira, October 7.

Having already released a cassette on the label run by Kassem Mosse (who also provided a remix for Stellar OM Source‘s recent Joy One Mile), Iqbal’s moody, self-branded “cosmic RnB” plays out like a mystical radio signal, run through a foreboding Dune-like soundtrack alternative to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, or thereabouts and features artwork by Boudicca Collins. File next to Nguzunguzu, Fade to Mind and Visionist.

See the Omnira website for more details. **

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Eva By Heart Publication Launch @ Arcadia Missa

9 September 2013

Curated by Nina Cristante, Eva By Heart was a series of artist-led nights, running once a month from February 2012 to February 2013 at East London’s Visions Video Bar and charging its participants with the task of conceiving an event in the basement venue. Launching from that will be online publication at South London’s Arcadia Missa, on Thursday September 12.

Hosted by Nina Cristante, we’re just as excited about the musical after party to follow, featuring M.E.S.H, THROWING SHADE, VIPRA and event organiser Felicita at Exquizite Lounge. Listen to Felicita’s wonky, bass-battered-into-abstraction below and see the Facebook event page for details. **

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