‘The Mountain’

Candice Lin + Yong Soon Min @ Commonwealth & Council, Nov 19-Jan 7

17 November 2016

Candice Lin and Yong Soon Min are presenting respective solo exhibitions at Los Angeles’ Commonwealth & Council, opening November 19 and running to January 7.

Lin’s The Mountain comes accompanied by a narrative covering several descriptions of the development of mountain forms via personal memory and matter, geology and mythology, combining and confusing distinctions between humans and their surroundings:

“In the mythologies of the world, flawed superhumans or failed gods are torn apart in fits of rage or jealousy and the fragments of their bodies fall and fossilize, becoming landscape. In plate tectonics, mountains mark the areas where one surface pushes against another fragment of its lost self, a Platonic pansexual Pangeaic dream of earthquakes and never enough. ” 

Min’s AVM: After Venus (Mal)formation recalls a personal experience of surviving a cerebral hemorrhage — triggered by the stress of a Korean language proficiency exam — and its ongoing effects on her speech and memory:

Even to this day, she confuses pronouns like ‘she’ and ‘he’ and often speaks one word when she means another, disrupting the relationship between the signifier and the signified.”

See the Commonwealth & Council website for details.**

Yong Soon Min, 'AVM: After Venus (Mal)formation' (2016) @ Commonwealth & Council, Los Angeles.
Yong Soon Min, AVM: After Venus (Mal)formation (2016) @ Commonwealth & Council, Los Angeles.

Header image: Candice Lin, The Mountain (2016) @ Commonwealth & Council, Los Angeles.

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