The Grounds We Tread

Cara Tolmie @ Pump House Gallery, Jun 10

8 June 2016

Artist Cara Tolmie is presenting ‘Incongruous Diva’ at London’s Pump House Gallery on June 10.

The ongoing performance will interrogate and destabilise the role of the singer as it is performed and valued as a voice in contemporary pop culture.

Tolmie will include in an array and “conflict of physical, aural and written languages” to question the invisible economies that stick to this role via YouTube covers, vocal sampling and the tyrannical measurement of ‘raw talent’.

Previous work by the artist —who recently presented Litmus Shuffle with artist Patrick Staff at Berlin’s KW —carries with it phrasing in both its description and content such as “characterised by enthralment” and tends between long research-based experiments in front of listening audiences, and embracing and showing the “superficial exchange” of email communication with collaborators.

‘Incongruous Diva’ is a part of current show The Grounds We Tread at Pump House which will run until June 19.

See the Pump House Gallery website for more details.**

Cara Tolmie, Pilot (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artist and Rowing Projects, London
Cara Tolmie, Pilot (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artist and Rowing Projects, London.
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The Grounds We Tread @ Pump House Gallery, Apr 19 – June 19

18 April 2016

The Grounds We Tread group exhibition is on at London’s Pump House Gallery, opening April 19 and running June 19.

Featuring presentations by artists Jiří Kovanda, London-based duo Lloyd Corporation, Ilona Sagar and Cara Tolmie, the month long show will be made up of four mini-presentations of live and performative works.

Each one will address how public space is inhabited by social relations, by ideas, by language and communication and by technology, while documentation of Kovanda’s 1970s actions will also be hung on the walls of the gallery as unframed works throughout.

Tolmie, who recently presented a collaboration with Patrick Staff at Berlin’s KW, will extend her work, which has in the past looked at singing live in front of others, to a consideration of the body that enunciates and the sounds that accompany this singing voice.

See Pump House Gallery website exhibition page for more details and a schedule of the works.**

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